Velveteen Dream Wins The NXT North American Championship

Velveteen Dream

While WWE had taped multiple endings to throw the fans off, they finally decided to go the way the original reports suggested and switched the North American title to new hands.

The main event of this week’s episode of NXT saw the North American Champion Johnny Gargano defending his title against Velveteen Dream in a one on one match.

After his victory at the Worlds Collide Tournament and getting the pin in a highly praised halftime heat match, Dream continued his momentum. He went on to win the bout and take the title from Gargano:

This win makes him the fourth ever NXT North American Champion. It’s worth mentioning that Johnny Gargano himself had only earned the title at last month’s NXT Takeover: Phoenix event from Ricochet.

While a number of NXT stars have made their way to the main roster in recent weeks, Velveteen Dream is a name which looks to be sticking around the Black and Yellow Brand. So it is likely that he will hold on to the title for a while.

Though it will still be interesting to see what the company has in store for him and the North American Championship and who turns out to be the first challenger for the newly crowned champion.