Viceland’s New Series “the Wrestlers” Episode Details & Air Dates

Viceland announced 10 episodes of "the Wrestlers"

Viceland the Wrestlers

Following the success of their documentary series “the Dark Side of the Ring,” Viceland will begin airing a 10-part series on May 22nd titled “the Wrestlers.”

A trailer for the series can be viewed below:

Episode descriptions and air dates were revealed today:

“The Best New Talent in America, airing May 22: Few people have had a larger impact on pro wrestling than veteran promoter Gabe Sapolsky. Damian follows Gabe’s crew on an American tour as he trains the next crop of superstars.

The Changing Face of Wrestling, airing May 29: Damian documents the handoff of one generation to the next by visiting a famed wrestler at the close of his career, and profiling the rise of one of wrestling’s newest stars.

Japan’s Finest Wrestlers, airing June 5: Japan boasts the finest women’s wrestling in the world. Damian visits Tokyo to learn what makes these women so good and meet the upcoming generation of female wrestlers.

Death Match, airing June 12: On the fringe of wrestling is Deathmatch, where wrestlers battling with barbed wire, razor blades and broken glass, challenge the idea that wrestling is fake.

Powerful Women of Wrestling, airing June 19: Damian travels to Florida and Bolivia to learn how women wrestlers around the world are using professional wrestling to battle inequality, misogyny, and domestic abuse.

The Next Wave of Mexican Luchadores, airing June 19: As Mexico copes with an ever-present drug war and Trump’s Wall, Lucha Libre is more popular than ever, and some wrestlers see Lucha as their ticket to America.

The Craziest Wrestling in Japan, airing June 26: Invisible wrestlers, blow-up dolls, and waterpark matches: welcome to the weird and wild world of Japan’s DDT, the world’s strangest wrestling promotion.

Wrestling on Canada’s Reserves, airing on June 26: Damian heads to northern Quebec to join a crew of wrestlers who brave weather and isolation to bring professional wrestling to remote and disadvantaged First Nations communities.

Voodoo Wrestling in the Congo, airing July 3: In war-torn Congo, a cultural collision has made one of wrestling’s strangest subgenres: voodoo wrestling, in which suplexes and powerbombs mix with hexes and deadly black magic.

Body Slamming Homophobia in Mexico, airing July 3: Exoticos, male wrestlers who embrace the feminine and dress in drag inside the ring, have been defying the macho side of Lucha Libre for decades.”

The Dark Side of The Ring

The Wrestlers will follow-up on the much talked about series “the Dark Side of the Ring.” The season finale of the docu-series will air tonight. The Fabulous Moolah will be the focus of tonight’s episode:

Previous episodes of the Dark Side of the Ring focussed on the deaths of Bruiser Brody and Gino Hernandez, the Montreal Screwjob, the Von Erichs, and Randy Savage & Elizabeth.

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