Vickie Guerrero On A Tournament Being Named After Eddie Guerrero

Former SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero was recently a guest on The Roman Show to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Guerrero first commented on the possibility of WWE naming a tournament after her late husband and WWE Hall Of Famer Eddie Guerrero:

“I always dream about that, “ she said. “Me and the girls we always talk about If Eddie could be relived they’d have a tournament someway, but it never is too late and I’m hoping that if WWE is watching or listening I’m hoping that, we’d love to see Eddie have his own tournament named.”

She then noted that her experience of seeing Eddie practice his promos in the ring, and observing his mannerisms on TV helped her when she was cutting her own promos in the ring:

“No, I wouldn’t train (wrestling) with him. He would scare me. I watched him at the house do his promos in the mirror and watching him every night when he was on TV. I think his mannerism, habits rubbed off on me. Every time I was in the ring, I always pictured Eddie in the ring with me so I knew it wasn’t about myself.”

Guerrero then discussed writing her book about life with Eddie and wrestling:

“Honestly, I am writing a book right now about my life with Eddie I hated wrestling when I dated him. My grandfather used to make his dad’s robes. We used to play in the playpen together when we were like three years old.

“I never liked wrestling. I said, “if you can change that would be great’, but of course the sport grew on me I started getting a lot of respect for the wrestling industry and I was hooked.”