Video: Hulk Hogan Reveals NWO Reunion Teaser

nWo founders Kevin Nash, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall

It looks like a possible NWO reunion actually could be coming in some capacity.

For the past few weeks Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan have been teasing bringing back the black and white to professional wrestling. Hogan confirmed on Twitter that the trio reunited to film some NWO material.

He posted the following teaser of himself, Nash and Hall in a black and white video spray painting a WCW World Title. Watch the video from “The Hulkster” here:

Perhaps this could go hand-and-hand with what Hogan was teasing earlier this month. While appearing at a National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland, Hogan teased a big announcement coming on his website:

“All the brothers out here with the nWo shirts on, something really special is going to be going down,” Hogan said.

“Just remember, the date, October 27. Go to, something very special is gonna happen October 27.”

When you visit Hogan’s website, the following message appears at the top with a countdown graphic to October 27th:

“Something big is coming and it’s going to be 2 sweet brother – Hollywood HH
Save the date, October 27th.”

Discussion: What do you think Hogan’s big announcement will be? Do you think it’s NWO related? Let us now your thoughts in the comments!