Video of CM Punk Competing In BJJ Tournament Surfaces

Footage of CM Punk competing in a jiu-jitsu tournament has surfaced recently.

CM Punk grappling tournament

It’s been a big summer thus far for CM Punk. The horror film he stars in “Girl on the Third Floor” is scheduled to hit the festival circuit next month, he’s working commentary for the Cage Fury Fighting Championships on UFC Fight Pass and he’ll close out the summer by making an appearance at Starrcast III.

Back in April, Punk took part in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament at the Chicago Grappling Games. Video of his performance in the tournament surfaced recently and can be viewed below:

Punk competed in a division for grapplers under 199lbs. He finished 3rd in a field of 3 competitors.

CM Punk Non-Wrestling Projects

The film “Girl on the Third Floor” stars CM Punk and is scheduled to hit the Popcorn Frights festival next month.

THE GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR is a tale of sinister unease and straight-faced madness that will have your blood pumping, curdling your stomach, pulling your fingertips to your agape mouth and maybe up over your wide eyes. Its visceral frights are a divine thrill!” reads a description of the film from the Popcorn Frights website.

As for Punk’s work with the Cage Fury Fighting Championships, their next event is scheduled for August 16th.