Viking Center Reacts To Viking Experience Name Change, Erik Responds

The Viking Experience responded to comments made by a Viking Centre which offers visitors an authentic Viking Experience.

Viking Raiders WWE
The Viking Raiders

The Jorvik Viking Center, a museum recommended by the members of the Viking Experience itself, noted they had a full social media inbox the morning after RAW this week. They posted the following to their Twitter account Tuesday:

This led to Erik from the Viking Experience responding that they are big fans of the Jorvik Viking Centre. He also noted they are looking forward to touring the museaum again the next time they are in Jorvik.

The Viking Experience: Who Is Erik and Who Is Ivar?

War Machine/War Raiders Rowe and Hanson are now the Viking Experience’s Erik and Ivar.

Hanson is now known as Ivar and Rowe is now known as Erik. Both names are likely references to famous Vikings in history. Erik is likely a reference to the Norse explorer Erik the Red. Ivar could be a reference to “Ivar the Boneless” a Viking commander who is the son of Ragnar Lodbrook, the central figure in the History Channel’s show “Vikings.”

Jorvik Viking Centre

If you would like to learn more about the Jorvik Viking Centre, they are located in York in North Yorkshire, England. Every year the Centre throws the Jorvik Viking Festival, the largest event of its kind in Europe.

“Visit York in February 2020 for an exciting programme of events, including living history encampments, markets, workshops, talks, tours and dramatic combat performances.” 

“JORVIK Viking Festival 2020 will run from Saturday 15th February to Sunday 23rd February.”

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