Vince McMahon Reportedly Very Happy With 24/7 Championship Segments

Vince McMahon is reportedly very happy with the segments involving Drake Maverick, R-Truth, and the 24/7 Championship.

WWE 24/7 Championship
WWE's 24/7 Championship

It appears as though the WWE Universe can expect more segments featuring the 24/7 Championship in the future.

Vince McMahon is reportedly incredibly happy with the results that these segments have generated.

Not only does he find them entertaining, but the minute-by-minute data from Nielsen Media Research indicates that, importantly, people are tuning in for them.

Every week, WWE gets information from Nielson with detailed information regarding viewership numbers. Turns out that segments featuring Drake Maverick, R-Truth, and the 24/Championship have become some of the most consistently watched parts of Monday Night RAW.

When originally debuted, people were dubious over the 24/7 Championship. In that time, WWE has allowed the title to become integral to the comedy between Truth and Maverick.

This has led the title to change hands in unexpected ways and places—including Drake Maverick’s wedding.

It’s been noted that both Maverick and R-Truth are well-regarded backstage. Both men are said to be unafraid of being the butt of a joke, and are willing to do what’s needed to entertain the fans.

This trust in both Superstars has seen their feud spillover from RAW and SmackDown to social media. There are apparently plans in place for the two at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con.