Vince McMahon Wanted To Fight UFC President Dana White At WrestleMania 27

UFC President Dana White did an interview with Canada’s RDS sports network to hype tonight’s UFC pay-per-view and revealed that WWE Chariman Vince McMahon once proposed that the two of them fight.

Radio host (and former NHL player) Denis Gauthier, Jr. asked Dana White who he thought would win in a steel cage match between him and McMahon. That’s when Dana White revealed that the half-joking scenario almost came to fruition a few years ago:

“Let me tell you something, and I’ve never said this before ever in any interview anywhere. If Vince hear’s this, he’s going to go nuts. Vince is too old, which he won’t think he is, and he’ll go crazy. And he wanted to [fight] one time.”


“Vince wanted to fight me. Swear to God. Called me up and said, “Let’s do it.” We can either do it in the UFC, or let’s do it at WrestleMania. And I said, “You are crazy.”


“I always have said it, and I’ll say it again; I respect Vince very much. But Vince is too old to be fighting anybody.”

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer revealed that McMahon wanted to fight Dana White at WrestleMania 27 back in 2011, in what would have been billed as co-main event, along with The Miz vs. John Cena.