Walter On Why He Is Different Than 99% Of The Wrestlers

Walter. Photo Credit:
Walter. Photo Credit:

Walter has made quite an impact since his arrival in WWE. He has overtaken the NXT UK Brand by ending the dominating championship reign of Pete Dunne and becoming the new UK Champion at the NXT Takeover: New York event last month.

During a recent interview with the Daily Star, Walter discussed a number of things and also revealed the quality that makes him different than 99% other wrestling stars.

The UK Champion explained that he is different than the other stars because he doesn’t let his emotions dictate his decisions when he is in a pro wrestling ring:

“That’s also the difference between me and 99% of my fellow wrestlers. My wife, family, and friends they mean everything to me, but when I’m in a Pro Wrestling environment, I’m focused on the task and in charge of my emotions, I won’t let my emotions connect with anything I do in Pro Wrestling.”

Continuing on the topic, the Austrian star claimed that the belts and accolades he has achieved mean nothing to him and he steps in the ring to restore the honor of the sport. You can check out the UK Champion Walter’s full interview at this link.