Who Should Be Traded To Smackdown, Sasha Or Bayley?

It was announced last week at Raw from General Manager Kurt Angle that if Bayley or Sasha do not get along one could be traded to Smackdown. While the tag team of Bayley and Sasha vs. Dana Brooke and Alica Fox did not “end well” it will be interesting to see if WWE will follow up on the trade angle.

This editorial will look at the pros and cons of trading either Sasha or Bayley to Smackdown and who should Smackdown trade in place of either female superstar.

The Storyline Thus Far…

Bayley and Sasha have been feuding for the better half of 2018. With their recent “counseling” angle costing them two weeks off from wrestling on Raw and even  Extreme Rules, one would wonder what is the next step for the feud.

Angle announced to Bayley that either she or Sasha could be traded to Smackdown if they don’t “get along” and their following tag team match proved that they are not on the same page.

The last segment between the two rivals revealed that Sasha “loves” Bayley in a way that might be stronger than friendship. Many rumors are speculating that a lesbian angle between the two might be in the works after this encounter but like every WWE storyline, it’s subject to change last minute.

The Trade To Smackdown

While the lesbian angle would coincide with the current LGBTQ movement, both females are heterosexual and Sasha is married while Bayley is currently engaged with her fiance. I say this as a lot of wrestling fans cannot put the distinction between kayfabe and real life and at this point would seem to be forced just for the sake of it.

If we were to ignore the ambiguous statement from Sasha and continue with the trade angle one would have to consider the pros and cons of either females being traded.

Bayley (Pros):

The move to Smackdown could very well be in Bayley’s favor. During her tenure on Raw, Bayley has fallen from grace and hasn’t been considered a serious contender for the Raw Women’s Championship after her injury from last year.

On Smackdown she could get fans re-invested as she could re-ignite a feud with real best friend Carmella and battle for the title in the remaining months of the year. Bayley could also provide more face power to the Smackdown Women’s division as heels outnumber the faces as of right now.

Lastly, if the feud with Carmella is booked properly, she could be the third women in history to hold both Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Bayley (Cons):

If the trade were to be made it could be helpful for Bayley in the beginning but could be detrimental as well.

Currently, Smackdown is focusing on a possible Women’s title match with Carmella and Becky Lynch, the other storyline had the IIconics and Rose and Devile elevate Becky to the number one contender status.

In the dust, Naomi has not been used for a storyline for many months and Lana is involved with the Rusev Day angle. Long story short, Bayley could be thrown into obscurity if creative has nothing for her on Smackdown if traded.

Sasha Banks (Pros):

Sasha has let the WWE Universe know time after time that she would love to go to Smackdown and emulate her wrestling idol Eddie Guerrero from his time on the blue brand.

On Smackdown, Sasha could bring back the heel persona she portrayed on NXT and rule with an iron fist on the B show. I personally feel they would take more of a chance of turning her heel on Smackdown as it is the B show and Smackdown is known to take more character risk and persona changes than Raw (minus the Emmalina hype).

Other feuds that could happen is Sasha versus Becky Lynch or Sasha versus Naomi, even Sasha versus Asuka or Charlotte could be revisited and be given more time on the blue brand.  Her presence on Smackdown could be used to help elevate Mandy Rose and Sonya Devile. God’s Greatest Creation could get use some elevation in order to be taken seriously as a title contender and is numerously quoted as the “next Trish Stratus”.

Sasha (Cons):

If Sasha were to turn heel it would have to be booked right. While we have Carmella as the top Smackdown Women heel, we have the IIconics, Rose, and Devile there as well but have been mainly used for filer matches.

Obscurity could be another issue that Sasha could face if put on Smackdown. Unless she wins the Smackdown title in the upcoming six months she could be in the same barrel as Naomi if she isn’t being used for any storylines if traded.

My opinion on the matter if I was booking this feud? I would move Sasha to Smackdown. Sasha being on Smackdown could be the breath of fresh air that Smackdown might need right now and her turning heel has been hinted for over a year now and could finally happen on the B show. She just needs to be relevant on Smackdown in order for the trade to be worthwhile.

The Smackdown Trade

If either Raw female superstars were to be traded to Smackdown who would take their place?


The Queen is still recovering from implant repair surgery and a resurgence on Raw could be her ticket back to being on top. While Charlotte has been making history on Smackdown, if she were to return back to Raw she could be pitted against Rousey in a feud that many want to see and could continue elevating the Raw Women’s Championship if she were to win it again.

Becky Lynch:

The Irish Lass Kicker is gearing up to battle Carmella for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. While Lynch has played the underdog on Smackdown for some time, her being traded to Raw makes more sense if Charlotte is not chosen. Her fighting persona could be used for a competition type feud with Rowsey to see who could compete to be number one contender for the Raw Women’s Title.


While Naomi’s second title win at Wrestlemania 33 was hometown moment, anything after that has been forgettable. A presence on Raw could spark a feud with Alexa Bliss and Mickie James and Naomi could be used as a transitional champion until WWE is ready to give Rousey her first title run.

How It Should Be Booked

Raw takes place tonight in Cincinnati, Ohio. It only makes sense to have another segment with Bayley and Sasha (in which the “love” statement could be further elaborated) that could lead to a match that night. From there Kurt could announce a match at SummerSlam between Sasha and Bayley and the stipulation would be that the loser of that match would get traded to Smackdown.

It puts eyes and attention on the fued and makes up for their absence from Extreme Rules. From there it’s up to WWE to see what decision they’ll take in trading who for who. Either way, this shake-up would add interest to WWE programming and not take away from it.

Who Would You Trade If You Were Booking This Storyline? Leave A Comment Below.