Why The WWE Universal Title Match At SummerSlam Should Be A Triple Threat

WWE SummerSlam
WWE SummerSlam

The biggest event of the summer takes place August 19th. Last Monday saw Roman Reigns take the win over Bobby Lashley to become number one contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title. This being their fourth confrontation for the title has many concerned as they’re already tired of this matchup.

With SummerSlam being weeks away, the Universal title match could still change, even for the better.

The Story Heading Into SummerSlam

It’s no secret that Lesnar plans to fight for the UFC in the nearby future (if he passes all his USADA drug test first though). With his new contract having him being paid for appearances instead of having set dates throughout the year has made Lesnar’s presence with the title meaningless.

It doesn’t help either that the WWE is trying to make Reigns the underdog against Lesnar in their series of matches in order for Reigns to get over.

Their last title confrontation was at the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabi where the match ended in controversy as Reigns was the first to touch the floor with his feet, not Lesnar.

As of recent weeks, Reigns has been in the battle for number one against Bobby Lashley and the match that determined the number one contender took place last week with Lashley losing in the end. At this point, both Reigns and Lashley hold a win over each over, possibly indicating WWE is not done with their rivalry.

Lesnar vs. Lashley

The dream match many wanted to see for the longest time was Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley. Both men have a background in amateur wrestling and MMA and is the most requested matchup since Undertaker vs. Sting. While Undertaker vs. Sting may never happen, the WWE has to take the opportunity of Lesnar vs. Lashley while it is still possible.

At this point, it has been rumored that Lesnar will drop the belt to whoever he faces at SummerSlam so he can commit to his MMA training. While Roman Reigns is the desired golden boy for WWE, that doesn’t mean Lashley in some way cannot be in that title picture as well.

A Triple-Threat Solution

Triple threats have been a mainstay to shake up a matchup. From Shawn Michaels vs. Triple-H vs. Chris Benoit to Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan, a third factor has proven to shake up a tired rivalry and usually pays off. While Benoit and Bryan have won their respected matches, Lashley doesn’t necessarily have to win the title but a title win at this point seems overdue.

Bobby Lashley faced John Cena at the Great American Bash back in 2007 for the WWE Championship and lost to the leader of the Cenation as the company already picked their golden boy. Lashley right now is an amazing competitor and is way over with the fans (especially against Roman Reigns) and if he were to be inserted to the title match at SummerSlam would be desired to keep that match fresh.

If I was to book this, I would have Lashley as the third man for the title match at SummerSlam and would have him win the title by pinning Lesnar.

From there I would turn Bobby heel and have him feud with Reigns. Have them battle for the Universal title at the next PPV in where the stipulation has Reigns lose the spear if he lost against Lashley. Forcing him to find to a new finisher and beat Lashley at the next PPV after that, therefore getting him over.

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