Will Ospreay Returns to PROGRESS

PROGRESS are currently holding their annual ‘Unboxing’ event. This event consists of completely unannounced performers and matches, giving the crowd some surprise returns and debuts along the way.

One of the bigger stories coming from the show sees Will Ospreay making his return to the company. Ospreay appeared to re-join his former tag team partner Paul Robinson. Robinson and Ospreay are known as the ‘Swords of Essex’ and were a prominent part of the UK’s tag scene previously. The team were confirmed to be taking on Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis).

Ospreay is due to be part of New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom show next week. The British sensation will be taking on Kota Ibushi in a dream match. Ibushi recently won the NEVER Openweight Championship and Ospreay became the Number 1 contender, leading to this mega bout.

Ospreay recently sent out a message to Ibushi ahead of their match, he stated that:

You have no idea how much you helped me this day. Only a few days before this photo/match, I lost a friend who helped me in British Wrestling, Kris Travis. To be in the ring with a man I would call an inspiration, helped me not focus on grieving but to celebrate his life. After this moment and how fans reacted to how we were in the ring, I knew this was the match I wanted.

Now I’m under a week from my dream match on the biggest stage of my life. For a championship that has lost its place on New Japan but now shall live up to what it should be, an Openweight Championship. What I’m saying is thank you for helping me all those years ago, but January 4th, 2019, my idol is my rival.