Will Ospreay Talks Move To NJPW Heavyweight Division, People Asking If He Was “On The Gas”

The 'Aerial Assassin' talks moving up to the NJPW Heavyweight Division

NJPW star Will Ospreay recently appeared on the Chris Van Vliet podcast/YouTube channel. The ‘Aerial Assassin’ discussed a number of topics from his recent career, including the move from the Juniors division to the Heavyweight class of the company.

Will Ospreay would talk about how the idea for the transition came together. With the Essex born star revealing that he initially pitched an idea to PROGRESS Wrestling, one of the top independent promotions in England.

Idea Pitched To PROGRESS

“I had an idea that I pitched to PROGRESS” Ospreay began. “And they didn’t go along with it. They had the ATLAS title at the time. and the ATLAS Title is a super heavyweight title so you have to be over 93 kilos. And at the time I was at 85kg. I was like, ‘I can make that, I’ve got the right height, I’m six foot.”

Will Ospreay would elaborate further, revealing how he hoped that the extra weight could pay dividends in Japan also. “Instead of focusing on putting that towards PROGRESS I thought maybe I should just start doing it anyway, just to see if there are any benefits. Because like everyone’s known I’ve always had neck problems, I’ve always like had this body pain. I was just like, I’m just gonna do it anyway to protect my body. In like a month and a half I shot to 90 kilos, just by eating. Not good stuff, just pizza! (laughs)”

Will Ospreay Asked If He Is ‘On The Gas’

Will Ospreay would then reveal that he started to get questions from others in the industry regarding his size. Due to the muscle mass that Ospreay had gained some were asking him if he was taking steroids, or ‘on the gas.’ “I just must have a good metabolism. So I just kept lifting and then every now and again, people just ask ‘are you on the gas?’ So I was like ‘NO! I wouldn’t know where to start stuff like that!’ So I’ve just been eating. I broke my ribs I think because my body put on so much mass. And then finally I did something where, like, I do it blindfolded do it all the time but my body kind of wasn’t prepared enough to do it so my body just buckled in on itself.”

Will Ospreay Seth Rollins

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