Willie Mack Signs Multi-Year Deal With Impact Wrestling

Willie Mack has signed a new deal with Impact Wrestling.

Willie Mack has just re-signed with Impact Wrestling. Mack broke the news to Wrestling Inc recently and had the following to say on his new deal:

“Well, the contract was good and everything seemed alright,” said Mack on the WINCLY podcast. “Impact Wrestling – I’ve been watching it since way back in the day when they used to have the weekly PPVs for like 12 bucks. The reason I wanted to go there was because of the X-Division and the six-sided ring but they don’t have that no more. They have the best talent in the world, so why wouldn’t I want to be here?”

Willie Mack Signs New Deal With Impact Wrestling

Mack most recently has been aligned with Rich Swann in the promotion as part of a rivalry with OVE. Swann also recently signed a new deal with the promotion.

“My goals are just to have fun, do my thing and wrestle. Of course I want to be the X-Division champion, but I want to be heavyweight champion and tag team. The only thing I can’t go for is the Knockouts championship,” Mack continued. 

Mack also recently lost the NWA National Championship at the Crockett Cup event last weekend.

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