World Tag League Will See Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi Team Up For The First Time Ever

Okada and Tanahashi

It’s a rivalry that seemed destined to last forever as each man strove to prove they were the dominant competitor in New Japan Pro Wrestling. But now, six years into their historic feud now turned friendly competition, Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi about to team up together for the first time ever.

With both having a common enemy in new Bullet Club member, Jay White, it has led the men to a tense truce and unlikely alliance.

As part of New Japan’s current World Tag League tournament, we will get the opportunity to witness ‘The Ace’ and ‘The Rainmaker’ join forces on both the 29th and 30th of November.

The first match will see Okada, Tanahashi, and KUSHIDA face off against Jay White, Bad Luck Fale and Taiji Ishimori — a clash that also further developments the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight feud between the champion, KUSHIDA, and Ishimori.

The next day, the team will see Rocky Romero bolster their ranks in an eight-man tag team match as they compete against White, Fale, Ishimori, and the man who betrayed Okada, Gedo.

It was Gedo’s betrayal and Jay White’s unrelenting attack post-match at NJPW’s Destruction in Kobe event that would lead to this unlucky team coming together.

At a later New Japan show, ‘Road To Power Struggle’ on October 27th, Tanahashi would run in to save Okada from an assault at the hands of the Firing Squad, bringing the two men together in the face of a unified enemy.

Okada will eventually face Jay White at next year’s Wrestle Kingdom 13 event. Tanahashi, meanwhile, will be cashing in his G1 Climax briefcase for a shot against IWGP Heavyweight champion, Kenny Omega.