WoS Announces Television Deal For India

British promotion WoS/World of Sport has made their first announcement in quite some time. The Twitter account for the ITV brand stated that the company has signed a new deal to bring WoS to fans in India.

The company confirmed that DSport will be showing the programme. DSport is premium sports TV channel launched by Discovery Networks Asia Pacific, for the Indian subcontinent.

There is currently no confirmation on WoS and their status on ITV. The ratings for the show dropped dramatically week on week and were well below what is expected for the channel. ITV is one of the ‘big four’ channels in the UK and is available in every home with a television set. WoS started as an evening programme and gradually moved timeslots throughout the ten episode run. Another issue with the show was the scheduling in terms of times of year.

The company recently finished a live event tour that stretched across the UK. Shows were held in Scotland and throughout England, although some shows were cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Whilst there’s no confirmation there’s a chance that the show does return but on a different channel under the ITV banner. World of Sport still has a strong brand name in terms of British culture.