WoS General Manager Stu Bennett/Wade Barrett Calls Out Soccer Star

WoS Wrestling general manager Stu Bennett/Wade Barrett has set a challenge for MLS star Wayne Rooney. Bennett appeared on TalkSport’s Alan Brazil Breakfast show and issued a challenge to the England footballing great. Barrett stated: “This is a message for Wayne Rooney. I’m watching you out in the MLS and I see you’re doing amazing things. I suggest you stay out there as long as you can cause the second you’re retired you’re stepping in the ring with me, Stu Bennett in WoS Wrestling. I assure you that you’ll have some very, very, bad news.”

Bennett and Rooney previously appeared together during a 2015 Smackdown taping in the UK, at the time Rooney was signed to arguably the biggest soccer (football) team in England: Manchester United. The segment gained huge traction in the UK with mainstream outlets airing the ‘slap’ that Rooney gave Bennett.

Opinion: Rooney is now based in the United States playing for DC United in the MLS. Unfortunately the mainstream appeal of the former England International is nowhere near what it once was. If WoS can somehow get an appearance or acknowledgement from Rooney for a potential Bennett match then that could be huge for the ITV brand.