WoS Women’s Championship Changes Hands on Night 2 of Tour

There’s been yet another twist in the saga of the WoS Women’s Championship. Bea Priestley won the title last night at the company’s show in Newport.

Before the tour started Kay Lee Ray held the Championship. As you may have seen the ICW star appeared on camera at the NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool event this past weekend. This essentially indicated that she would be leaving WoS and heading onto WWE/NXT UK.

At the first night of the WoS tour Viper defeated Kay Lee Ray in a triple threat match to become the new WoS Women’s Champion. This was also an interesting development, as Viper is also being linked to WWE. The Wrestling Observer have even claimed that the NXT UK deal offered to Viper was greater than Ray’s as “there was interest from AEW.” Viper has been losing her independent Championships over the past few weeks, including in a bout for STARDOM where she lost her Pro Wrestling: EVE International Championship.

Finally, we reported earlier this month that there was one more independent WoS star on WWE’s radar, Bea Priestley. With Priestley winning the title this once again confuses the matter, unless of course WoS decide to change the hands of the title once again. The tour is ongoing, so there are plenty of opportunities to do so.