WWE WrestleMania 29 Results

Welcome to our live results coverage of WrestleMania 29 from MetLife Stadium.

WrestleMania 29 Pre-Show Match
WWE Intercontinental Title: The Miz vs. Wade Barrett (c)

We’re finishing up the pre-show with our first match of the evening, The Miz vs. Wade Barrett for the I-C strap. The crowd popped huge when it was announced that the first match was about to begin. Miz is out first. Nice reception. Wade Barrett is out next. The bell sounds and here we go. Impressive looking crowd/set-up inside MetLife tonight. Looks very cool. Miz gets some offense early, including a nearfall or two before the larger Barrett slows him down. Barrett gets some offense in on Miz. He attempts his elbow-finisher but Miz avoids it and counters into a figure-four leglock on Barrett. Barrett struggles for a while before making it to the ropes to break the hold. Crowd was hot for that series of moves/counters. Barrett recovers and hits Miz with Wasteland for a close two-count. Miz, from his back, locks up Barrett’s legs standing and locks in the figure-four leglock again. Cool way to apply that move. Miz sinches it on tight and Barrett is forced to tap. We have a new Intercontinental Champion, folks!

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

WrestleMania 29 Pay-Per-View

The show opens with the typical, bad-ass video package that you’d expect. A lot of history of WrestleMania stuff, highlighting a lot of the top “WrestleMania moments” from the past.

From the video package we hear Michael Cole’s voice and get our first PPV-glimpse inside MetLife Stadium. The set-up looks so cool with all of the people in the building. Very cool. Michael Cole does the obligatory introduction stuff and then we immediately go to Sheamus’ ring entrance.

Sheamus, Randy Orton & Big Show vs. The Shield

Sheamus comes out to the top of the stage and stands there for a second. Randy Orton’s music hits and he joins Sheamus at the top of the stage. Both guys stand there and Big Show’s music hits and he joins the duo at the top of the stage. All three walk together down the long aisle to the ring to Big Show’s music. The three stand in the ring after the music cuts off for a moment. The Shield’s music hits and the three come out through the crowd as usual. The crowd popped pretty big at the first sound of The Shield’s music. During these entrances, by the way, the Spanish announce team was introduced briefly as well. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL are calling the action for the U.S. PPV audience. Sheamus and Reigns start things off for their respective teams. Reigns bullies Sheamus into the corner and pounds on him a bit. Sheamus whips Reigns into the opposing corner and gets in a little offense of his own. Sheamus is getting the better of the two early on in this opening contest. Sheamus tags in Orton. Crowd pops big for Orton. Orton continues to control the offense for his team as he keeps Reigns grounded and works him over. Reigns makes the tag to Rollins. Orton immediately gets the better of Rollins. Orton tags Sheamus in. Rollins dropkicks Sheamus’ knee and tags in Dean Ambrose. Crowd pops pretty damn big for Ambrose. Sheamus hits a big powerslam on Ambrose for a nearfall. Sheamus tags in The Big Show. Crowd reacts pretty big to Show as well. Show opens Ambrose’s vest and chops the hell out of him. We get a shot of Orton and Sheamus smiling after Big Show’s big chop. Ambrose takes a chop and tries taunting Big Show like it didn’t hurt. Big Show responds by backing him into the corner and chopping the living hell out of him repeatedly. Ambrose dropkicks Big Show’s legs out and tags in Rollins. Rollins using his speed to keep Big Show grounded. The Shield makes a lot of quick tags and utilizes the gameplan of keeping Show off his feet to keep control of the offensive flow of the match. Big Show finally makes the tag to Sheamus after several minutes of punishment. Sheamus is a ball of fire as he takes out Rollins. He throws Rollins over the top. Rollins lands on the apron outside the ropes. Sheamus opens Rollins vest the same way Big Show did, and does his arm-pounding spot on Rollins. Ambrose comes over and Sheamus does the same spot with him. Orton tags in. Orton hits the DDT off the middle rope on Ambrose. Rollins tries interfering off the top but Orton sees him and catches him with the RKO on the way down. However, Reigns hits the spear on Orton. Ambrose immediately pins Orton. The Shield wins. Big Show is shown standing on the apron looking quite disappointed at Orton. The Shield leave through the crowd the same way they arrived.

Winners: The Shield

After The Match

After the match, The Big Show comes in and hits the knockout punch on both Sheamus and Orton. The crowd boo’s the crap out of him as he exits the ring and leaves the two laying.

-After a John Cena/Rock video package is shown, we see a few celebrities in the crowd including Snooki. Mark Henry’s music hits and we’re headed back to the ring.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback

Mark Henry makes his way to the ring as we see video highlights of their feud leading into tonight’s match, including the bench-press challenge from Smackdown two weeks ago. Ryback’s music hits. Ryback gets a nice pop as he makes his way to the ring. The bell rings and the two slowly walk to each other. They’re going nose-to-nose and talking trash as the hot crowd at MetLife Stadium erupts. Lots of heat from the audience for this one already. The two sumo-bump into each other. Ryback pounds his chest, as if to say “bring it on!” They bump chests again. Henry punches Ryback. Ryback punches Henry. They exchange punches with Ryback getting the better. Ryback tries a clothesline but Henry remains on his feet. Ryback hits the ropes and tries another one. Henry still stands. Ryback goes to do it again but Henry catches him coming in with a big clothesline. Ryback is floored. Henry picks Ryback up with ease and hits a running powerslam on Ryback for a one-count. Henry dominating Ryback now, slamming him and punching him as he pleases. A loud crowd chant breaks out. Sounds like “let’s go Goldberg!” but can’t quite tell. Meanwhile, Henry continues the “big man match” stuff by applying a bearhug to Ryback. Ryback tries fighting his way out but can’t. Henry bull-rushes him into the corner and splashes him. Henry with a running clothesline that knocks Ryback over the top rope and onto the floor. Henry yells out “that’s what I do!” which can be heard on the PPV broadcast. Henry stands in the ring and lets the referee begin his count on Ryback, who is recovering on the floor. Another chant is getting started up by the crowd, but the announcers are drowning it out. Ryback makes it back into the ring before he is counted out. Henry continues his beatdown of Ryback. Ryback showing signs of life as he fights back, but Henry cuts him off and applies another bearhug. Ryback tries fighting out and is again cut off by Henry. Ryback is again trying to get in some offense. He’s having better luck this time, knocking Henry to one knee. “Feed more more” chant breaks out from the crowd. Ryback hits the Meathook Clothesline to knock Henry off his feet for the first time in the match. Ryback calls for the Shellshock. Ryback attempts the Shellshock. He has Henry up. Wow! Henry ends up flattening Ryback before he can finish the move. Henry rolls onto Ryback….1-2-3. Henry wins. Interesting finish. Crowd seems disappointed in that one. A replay shows Henry held onto the top rope while he was on Ryback’s shoulders, which allowed Henry to flatten Ryback. Not illegal, so Henry wins clean.

Winner: Mark Henry

After The Match:

The referee calls for medics to check on Ryback. Henry comes back in the ring and tells the ref to “let him suffer.” Ryback pops back up and knocks Henry down. Ryback plays to the crowd but the crowd craps on him. Ryback hoists Henry up and hits the Shellshock on him for real this time. Crowd reacted kind of flat, as they wanted that as the finish of the match, not a post-match spot from the loser. Either way, it looked cool and we saw a bunch of replays of it afterwards.

-Some of the members of the Special Olympics are shown in the arena, along with Stephanie McMahon and Govenor Chris Christi. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and we’re headed back to the ring.

WWE Tag-Team Titles: Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan (c)

Ziggler and Langston are out first with A.J. As they walk to the ring, highlights are shown from Monday’s Raw of Langston and Ziggler leaving Bryan and Kane laying. Langston and Ziggler are in the ring now. The fire pyro explodes and Kane’s music hits. Loud pop from the crowd. Kane and Daniel Bryan come out together. Bryan is doing the “No, No!” stuff as he walks to the ring, but it seems out of place with the entire arena lit up with red lights and Kane’s music playing. Weird choice by WWE there. Kane and Bryan enter the ring now and we’re about to be underway. A kiss by AJ almost cost Ziggler’s team the match right off the bat as Bryan had a close nearfall on Ziggler. The crowd thought that might’ve been the finish. Bryan hitting his “no-kicks” on Ziggler as the crowd chants “Yes!” for each kick. Crowd very hot for Bryan in this one. Ziggler makes the tag to Langston and there’s almost a gasp amongst everyone at MetLife. Bryan tags Kane in before he does anything. Kane and Langston exchange punches with Kane getting the better. Kane hits the ropes but is caught by Langston. Langston is rag-dolling Kane like a child, hitting him with repeated backbreakers. Langston showing off his power by dominating the large Big Red Machine. Kane slaps the chokeslam on Langston but Langston powers out before Kane can hit the move. Langston with a big running clothesline that floors Kane. Langston tags Ziggler back in. Ziggler goes straight to work on Kane. He gets in a few moves and tags Langston right back in. Langston continues the beatdown of Kane. Later on in the match, Ziggler and Kane are the legal men. Ziggler calls for the Money In The Bank briefcase from AJ. AJ gives it to him but Kane avoids getting hit with it. He hits Ziggler with a chokeslam. Kane knocks Langston off the apron as Bryan comes off the top rope with a flying headbutt. 1-2-3. Team Hell No retains. This time Daniel Bryan’s music plays and the crowd does loud “Yes!” chants as Kane and Bryan celebrate their victory in the ring.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag-Team Champions: Kane & Daniel Bryan