Wrestling Legend Believes WWE Should Turn Roman Reigns Heel Or Fire Him

Roman Reigns (photo: WWE.com)

While reports suggest that WWE will keep pushing Roman Reigns as a babyface in upcoming future, it hasn’t stopped people from giving their opinion on how the company should turn him heel.

In recent months, people like Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, Attitude Era Star Stone Cold Steve Austin and more have spoken openly about how Roman should be turned into a bad guy and now another Wrestling Legend has given a similar opinion on the Big Dog.

During a recent interview with Pancakes & Powerslams show, Wrestling Legend Bobby Fulton gave his thoughts on the situation regarding the former World Champion among other things.

Fulton said that if the former Shield Member is not getting over as a babyface then the Officials should either turn him heel or fire him altogether because the Raw Star is not getting the job done:

“If he can’t get over as a babyface and the people are booing him, fire him! Get rid of him or turn him heel. He’s not getting the job done. It is plain and simple! They gotta make a change somewhere. People just ain’t buying Roman Reigns.”

Apart from this, Fulton also talked about his announced retirement, the modern days of wrestling being different than the territory era and more. You can check out his full interview in the video below: