WWE 2K16: List Of Matches For Stone Cold Showcase Mode Confirmed

WWE 2K16 will be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles on the 27th of October in  North America and on the 30th of October internationally.

One mode fans are excited to try out when the game is released is the 2K Showcase Mode featuring none other than WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Over on the WWE 2K forums a user has compiled a list of matches that will be featured when the game drops next month. More matches are expected – and you’ll notice some have featured in previous games.

vs. Pillman – Clash Of The Champions XXV
vs. Steamboat – Bash At The Beach ’94
vs. Whipwreck – November To Remember ’95
vs. Vega – WrestleMania XII or In Your House: Beware Of Dog
vs. Roberts – King Of The Ring ’96
vs. Hart – Survivor Series ’96 (Bret’s attire)
vs. Vader vs. Hart vs. Undertaker – In Your House: Final Four (likely reason for Vader’s inclusion, could be for RR ’97 though)
vs. Hart – WrestleMania 13 (likely reason for Shamrock’s inclusion)
vs. Rock – D-Generation X: In Your House (likely reason for NOD’s inclusion)
vs. Michaels – WrestleMania XIV (reason for HHH’s retro DX attire in “Oh Hell Yeah” trailer)
vs. Undertaker – Rock Bottom ’98
vs. McMahon – St. Valentine’s Day Massacre ’99
vs. Rock – Backlash ’99
vs. Undertaker – Fully Loaded ’99 (X-Pac’s attire in IGN screen)
Royal Rumble 2001
vs. Triple H – No Way Out 2001
vs. Rock – WrestleMania X-SEVEN