WWE 2K16: New Gameplay Video Shows Managers Behaving Badly

In a new WWE 2K16 video released by the WWE 2K Development Team, Xavier Woods and Enzo Amore are shown outside the ring acting as managers.

Xavier Woods is in the corner of fellow New Day member Big E while Enzo Amore is in the corner of Big Cass and both are shown creating distractions to ensure the other wrestler doesn’t get the win.

At one point Xavier throws a steel chair into the ring, jumps up onto the apron and gets in the face of Big Cass while towards the end of the video Enzo pulls the referee from the ring during a pin attempt.

Fans can get their hands on  WWE 2K16 when it is released on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles on the 27th of October in  North America and on the 30th of October internationally.