WWE Already Teasing Ricochet’s First NXT Feud?

Earlier this week WWE announced the signings of several top independent wrestlers, including former NJPW/Lucha Underground/PWG star Ricochet (Trevor Mann).

The NXT Twitter account posted a video from the Performance Center that gave a glimpse inside the training facility, with WWE PC Strength & Conditioning Coach Sean Hayes leading a “Hercules-inspired upper-body workout.”

Ricochet, who’s seen in the video doing a set of chin-ups with weighted chains wrapped around him, joked that he had to show the Street Profits “how it’s done” in the weight room.


WWE.com published an article promoting this playful (for now) rivalry. It’s worth noting that the article consistently refers to Ricochet by his birth name Trevor Mann with no references to the name Ricochet.

“Following the workout, Mann was overheard saying that he’s coming for the Combine crown in 2018, a reference to NXT’s annual strength-and-conditioning Combine, a competition in which Ford has always been one of the top performers. Could a budding rivalry between the two athletic wonders be shaping up before our very eyes?