WWE Bringing Back Taboo Tuesday?, Total Divas Respond To Paige, Matt Hardy Takes Shot At GFW

Taboo Tuesday (2005) promotional poster. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

WWE bringing back Taboo Tuesday?

WWE registered for “Taboo Tuesday” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 24th. The last Taboo Tuesday event was held 12 years ago and then it was changed into Cyber Sunday, which came to an end in 2008. Time will tell if the old PPV concept shows up on new editions of SmackDown going forward. Cyber Sunday was a PPV which allowed fans to vote on match stipulations, opponents and more.

Total Divas respond to Paige

Paige commented on the upcoming season of “Total Divas” recently and stated that she missed everyone in the cast.

The Bella Twins, Lana and Naomi all responded to Paige with the following tweets:

Matt Hardy takes shot at GFW’s payment issues

As noted earlier, Mike Kanellis responded to fan that said that he was a joke in GFW and is still a joke in WWE. Kanellis responded to the fan “Except I get paid now” and followed it up with several emojis.  The fan has since deleted the tweet, but Matt Hardy chimed in with a shot of his own shot at GFW.