WWE Cancels All SmackDown Brand Live Events Of The Weekend

WWE has canceled the entire SmackDown Live Event loop for the weekend

Smackdown Live!
Smackdown Live!

WWE has canceled all SmackDown brand Live Events scheduled for this weekend.

The company had first announced that they are canceling 2 SmackDown brand Live Events scheduled to take place on Saturday and Monday.

These events were supposed to take place on 3rd of August from Bowling Green, Kentucky and 5th of August from Kalamazoo, Michigan respectively.

However, the promotion has now confirmed that the Live Event scheduled to take place at the Palmer Arena in Danville, IL on Sunday, August 4 has also been canceled.

The given reason for all these cancellations is ‘scheduling conflicts’ and the company has confirmed that buyers can collect refunds for their tickets at the original point of purchase.

WWE has been canceling a lot of Live Events since the introduction of the Wild Card Rule and they usually cancel events to make sure stars from both their brands are available for the TV tapings of Raw or SmackDown.

However, this is the first time the company has canceled the complete weekend line up of a brand as they usually only cancel events scheduled to take place on the day of the TV tapings.

Since the company has canceled all Live Events from SmackDown brand, it won’t be a surprise if SmackDown stars like Roman Reigns and more make appearances at Raw brand Live Events over the weekend.