WWE.com Promotes Major Spoiler From This Week’s SmackDown Taping

As we reported on Tuesday evening, WWE switched the United States Championship back to Alberto Del Rio at the SmackDown television tapings in Lafayette, Louisiana just one day after Kalisto won the title on WWE RAW on Monday.

To make matters worse, the official WWE website has spoiled the fact that the U.S. title change will take place on this Thursday’s show on the USA Network by using it as a way to promote this week’s show.

WWE.com reported the following rare spoiler-based article after Tuesday night’s SmackDown television taping:

“Just one night after losing the United States Championship to Kalisto in a dramatic loss on Raw, Alberto Del Rio regained the coveted title from the masked luchador during Tuesday night’s SmackDown taping. The two Superstars, whose rivalry is rapidly evolving into one of WWE’s fiercest, battled to another climactic finish on Thursday’s hottest show — now on USA Network — but this time the underdog fell to The Essence of Excellence. The contest was not without it’s controversy, however, as The League of Nations factored into the outcome.

Tune in to SmackDown this Thursday night at 8/7 C on USA Network to see how the United States Championship changed hands.”

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