WWE Comments On How The Loss of Vince McMahon Could Affect The Company

Vince McMahon

WWE recently filed a 10-K SEC with an article detailing how the company would be affected if Chairman Vince McMahon retired, suffered a disability or passed away.

The filing had the following statement. “In addition to serving as Chairman of our Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. McMahon leads the creative team that develops the storylines and the characters for our programming. (including our television, WWE Network and other programming) and live events.” The article continued, saying “from time to time, Mr. McMahon has also been an important member of our cast of performers. The loss of Mr. McMahon due to unexpected retirement, disability, death or other unexpected termination for any reason could have a material adverse effect on our ability to create popular characters and creative storylines or could otherwise adversely affect our operating results.”

The article also stated that McMahon would not be shifting focus from the company when the XFL launches in 2020. Saying “Mr. McMahon has established Alpha Entertainment LLC, to explore investment opportunities across the sports entertainment landscapes. Alpha Entertainment LLC plans to launch a professional football league in early 2020. While he has provided the Company assurances that his focus on WWE will not be diverted by these efforts. Any such diversion or perception of such diversion could adversely affect our operating results and could have a material adverse effect on our stock price.”