Several Fans Ejected From RAW For Beach Balls


One of the weird spots SummerSlam 2017 will be remembered for, is Cesaro going into the crowd during an ongoing match and tearing a Beach Ball limb to limb.

While the Raw Star successfully eliminated the Beach Ball from the equation for the night it didn’t take long before it returned to WWE and it came back the following night on Raw.

As noted by multiple sources another Beach Ball was doing rounds of the arena last night on Raw during the 8 men Cruiserweight Tag team match and the match between Finn Balor and Jason Jordan.

When security guards tried to take the ball from the audience, the crowd started to toss it around to keep it out of the reach of guards. Though after a small struggle they were successful in getting the hold of it as seen below:

WWE producer Brian “Road Dogg” James expressed his displeasure with the disruptions, calling it “disrespect at its core” to all WWE talent.

Several fans were evacuated from the arena by the security for this incident. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep the Beach Ball out of action.

Another ball made its way in the arena during the Tag team Main Event of The Show and this time it also made an appearance on TV as John Cena noticed it and waved at the ball’s direction.

The whole beach ball incident was an attempt to hijack the show by several fans and a total of 22 balls were released into the arena during the Raw episode, though only 2 of them got caught on Camera.

Meanwhile, John Cena cut a small promo after the show went off air and he also mentioned the Beach Ball Mania which was running wild. The promo of Cena can be seen below:

The fans have divided opinion on the whole thing. Some believe that it was disrespecting to the performers putting their bodies on the line while others think it was a fun incident.

Nonetheless, it was one of the incidents which cannot be compared to anything else you might have seen on Live TV and it certainly once again proves that ‘anything can happen’ in WWE.