WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

3 veteran SEScoops.com writers give in-depth analysis and predictions for Sunday's WWE Extreme Rules PPV

WWE Extreme Rules 2019
WWE Extreme Rules goes down LIVE from Philadelphia, PA. (7/14/2019)

We’ve got a big weekend ahead of us, folks!

On Saturday night, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) will set the tone for the weekend with their AEW Fight For The Fallen event at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Afterwards, however, it will be WWE’s turn for a swing at the plate.

WWE brings their top Superstars from the RAW, SmackDown Live and 205 Live brands for their WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view this Sunday night at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On tap for Sunday’s WWE PPV main event is a “Winner Take All” match with WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch putting both of their titles on-the-line in an inter-gender tag-team match against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans. The winning team of the match will walk out with both championships.

Additionally, The Undertaker will return to his “yard,” as he teams with “The Big Dog,” Roman Reigns, for a tag-team showdown against Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon.

In other matches on the card, Kofi Kingston puts his WWE Championship on-the-line against Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman squares off with Bobby Lashley in a Last Man Standing match, Ricochet puts his WWE United States Championship on-the-line in a highly-anticipated showdown against A.J. Styles, and much more.

As is the case before any significant WWE or AEW PPV, we have conjured up three veteran SEScoops.com reporters to provide expert analysis, insight and their predictions for each match scheduled for this Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules show.

Without any further ado, lets take a look at the card for Sunday’s big event in Philadelphia, PA.

Aleister Black vs. Cesaro

Andrew Ravens: History would say that Black should go over here as he is the young new star that WWE has been pushing over the last few weeks. Cesaro is obviously talented but it makes no sense to go over Black in this random match that only has a few days of build up. (Prediction: Aleister Black)

Ian Carey: This is interesting because Cesaro is a RAW guy, Aleister is a Smackdown guy and apparently Paul Heyman has been helping with Black’s promos. Regardless, Black will win here as he steadily climbs the ladder and becomes a bigger player on the main roster. There’s a reason nobody but Cesaro seems interested in picking a fight with him. (Prediction: Cesaro)

Matt Boone: Clearly this match has been promoted as a spotlight showcase for the former NXT World Champion. I expect some kind of “angle” to be involved either during the match, or during the finish / post-match. This should be a great match in terms of in-ring performance. (Prediction: Aleister Black)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, Aleister Black

The Revival (C) vs. The Usos

Andrew: The Revival’s reign as champions have been lackluster and this feud has seemed like it’s gone on for way too long. I don’t see WWE having anything important for the champs and with their futures still up in the air, I think it’s the perfect time for The Usos to win. (Prediction: The Usos)

Ian: This is really WWE’s two best tag-teams going after the RAW belts. The Revival, the Usos, Anderson & Gallows, the AOP, and the Viking Raiders are all going to be vying for these belts on Paul Heyman’s show moving forward. I’m expecting the Revival to use dirty under-handed tactics to hold onto the titles here and for the next several months. (Prediction: The Revival)

Matt: With all of the drama between The Revival and WWE, I can’t see the RAW Tag-Team Champions losing their straps in this one. As far as match quality, this is a sleeper for potential “Match of the Night.” I’m expecting this one to be given some time, too. (Prediction: The Revival)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, The Revival

Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley (Last Man Standing)

Andrew: Honestly, does it matter as to which guy wins here? What has the company done to make the fans care about the winner of this match? Yes, Strowman is the babyface and will likely go over but I still can’t recall why these two are feuding and so mad at each other. (Prediction: Braun Strowman)

Ian: If Paul Heyman really does have control, Bobby Lashley is winning this match. Heyman has certain people he likes and Bobby Lashley is one of them. Lashley came away from their explosive RAW angle nearly unscathed whereas that was not the case with Strowman. I’m expecting Lashley to take advantage of Strowman’s injuries and get the win. (Prediction: Bobby Lashley)

Matt: Clearly this match will have all the trimmings. The bells and whistles are likely reserved for this match, which will likely feature another big dramatic spot after the RAW stage-explosion segment was used to build this one up. In terms of the winner for this one, WWE sure seems fond of “The Monster Among Men.” (Prediction: Braun Strowman)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, Braun Strowman

Drew Gulak (C) vs. Tony Nese (WWE Cruiserweight Title)

Andrew: Gulak recently won the title and although I’m not sold on him being the champion, WWE has shown that they give the Cruiserweight Champion some time to hold the title, which would make it surprising to me to see him lose it here. A fun match though. (Prediction: Drew Gulak)

Ian: Would you believe me if I told you this will be a good match that you should watch? It will be. Drew Gulak is a good old-school storyteller in the ring and Tony Nese is one of those guys who can do anything. Gulak will hold the title until we know more about the future of the brand once Smackdown heads to Fox. (Prediction: Drew Gulak)

Matt: This should be an excellent early match to set the tone for the crowd inside the Wells Fargo Center this Sunday night. Gulak and Nese have the ability to steal the show in this Cruiserweight Title showdown, however they have tough competition later in the evening in the form of A.J. Styles vs. Ricochet. As far as this one goes, I don’t think it’s time to take the title off of Gulak yet. (Prediction: Drew Gulak)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, Drew Gulak

Ricochet (C) vs. A.J. Styles (WWE U.S. Title)

Andrew: A new champion will be crowned here. Yes, historically, Ricochet should get his revenge in this match. Despite the fact that Ricochet has beaten Styles in recent matches, Styles’ heel turn has served as an overcast of that. With that being said, Styles should get the title as a heel and gives a boost to his character as well as recent reuniting with The Club. Ricochet is the perfect babyface to chase for the title. (Prediction: A.J. Styles)

Ian: These two are now 1-1 against each other on RAW. I’m expecting AJ to pull out the victory but having to cheat to do so. It’s likely we’ll get some interference by the Club leading to the victory. At some point, Ricochet is going to need some back-up against AJ and his stablemates. Ricochet and the Viking Raiders have teamed in the past, including at Takeover: WarGames II. Perhaps he’ll enlist their help after Extreme Rules. (Prediction: A.J. Styles)

Matt: Just want to start off by sending a “good luck” shout-out to Drew Gulak and Tony Nese. They have their work cut out for them if they’re going for the “Match of the Night” honors. In the minds of many fans, Styles and Ricochet in a one-on-one WWE PPV match with a championship on-the-line are the perfect ingredients for an undercard “Show-Stealing Performance.” I expect nothing less this Sunday night, even if “The Phenomenal One” isn’t 100% coming into Philly this weekend. (Prediction: A.J. Styles)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, A.J. Styles

Daniel Bryan & Rowan (C) vs. New Day vs. Heavy Machinery (SD! Tag Titles)

Andrew: I like the fact that this is a three-way match as we just saw Bryan & Rowan work with Heavy Machinery last month. I can see a title change here with New Day going over but I think WWE doesn’t have any plans for Bryan as a singles star right now. With that said, Bryan’s time as a tag team star is coming to an end with a decline in ratings and he could be used as a top challenger for Kofi Kingston in the near future. With that said, I have Bryan and Rowan somehow holding onto the titles. (Prediction: Daniel Bryan & Rowan)

Ian: Expect Xavier Woods and Big E to come away from this match the new Smackdown tag team champions. The victory will allow all 3 members of the faction to close out the show holding up championship gold. Unless Brock chooses that moment to cash-in that is…
Heavy Machinery could end up costing Daniel Bryan and Rowan the match, leading to those teams feuding while Woods and Big E enter a new storyline along with Kofi. (Prediction: New Day)

Matt: With WWE SummerSlam coming up, it would make sense to free-up Daniel Bryan in order to have him available for a significant singles program heading into WWE’s biggest event of the summer. Could we see the Kingston-Bryan saga revived and re-polished heading into next month’s WWE PPV in Toronto. If the titles change hands, who do they go to? That is the real question. If they are going the Bryan-Kingston route, they could mix in and include Big E. and Xavier Woods in the story line if New Day comes out on top here. We’ll see this Sunday! (Prediction: New Day)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, New Day

Bayley (C) vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (SD! Women’s Title Handicap Match)

Andrew: Although the deck is stacked against Bayley, I’m gonna go out and make a bold thought. I see Sasha Banks making her return at this show to make the save for Bayley and help her retain the title. The feud with Bliss will be over and down the road, Banks turns heel on Bayley to set up a program at SummerSlam. (Prediction: Bayley)

Ian: I don’t care. Is “I don’t care” an OK answer for this one? Fine, Bayley will win but only because Bliss isn’t healthy. It’s tough to say where they are going with this after Extreme Rules because Eric Bischoff starts booking Smackdown then. In all likelihood then, Bayley retains here but then joins the NWO on Tuesday. (Prediction: Bayley)

Matt: As noted, Nikki Cross was added to this match due to Alexa Bliss’ sinus infection issues. With that in mind, it appears clear that WWE is trying to stack the deck in a way that the match can deliver. With Bliss seemingly uneligible for a title run from a medical standpoint, one would assume Bayley is going over. (Prediction: Bayley)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, Bayley

Kofi Kingston (C) vs. Samoa Joe (WWE Title)

Andrew: As much as I would like to see Joe go over here, WWE has taken the time to build up Kofi as a legit champion despite him still throwing out pancakes to fans. Joe has been in this spot before and we know the outcome, which makes it hard for me to believe that WWE would make a title change just one month away from SummerSlam. Kofi wins but this feud lives and a rematch takes place at SummerSlam. (Prediction: Kofi Kingston)

Ian: This rivalry with Joe is just a time-killer for Kofi. WWE already got the thrill of the chase and the glory of victory for this angle in the build-up to and then at WrestleMania. The only thing left is the heat they can generate and put on whoever takes the title off him. That has to be Brock Lesnar. Lesnar taking the title off Seth would lead to a rivalry we just saw in the build-up to WrestleMania. A Brock cash-in on Kofi, however, would lead to a fresh angle and Lesnar on Fox starting in the fall. Kofi retains here but only so he can eventually drop it to Brock. (Prediction: Kofi Kingston)

Matt: Well, Kofi Kingston is injured, and Samoa Joe is the type of guy who could carry the ball for a little while (and I think he would surprise people in a positive way if he were handed the ball). Having said that, I think the agent / producer for this match will have a busy time coordinating things so that this can deliver like a world title match should in terms of action and match-length, but somehow there will be some fun at the end that results in KofiMania continuing for a little while longer. (Prediction: Kofi Kingston)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, Kofi Kingston

Undertaker & Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon

Andrew: I actually see McMahon and McIntyre going over here as a swerve because many people think that it’s a slam dunk that Reigns and Taker go over here because that’s what should happen. If you look at the way that WWE has booked Shane this year with his feuds with the likes of Miz and Reigns, Shane goes over in the end. I see WWE splitting this feud up going into SummerSlam with Reigns vs. Shane and Taker vs. McIntyre happening. (Prediction: Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon)

Ian: Undertaker needs to win this match to wash the taste out of his mouth from Super ShowDown. Kevin Owens could play a role in this match as well, considering he has no other role on the show and recently gave Shane McMahon a stunner. If Shane McMahon is going to go away soon, we’ll have to start that process here. (Prediction: Undertaker & Roman Reigns)

Matt: Well, as we reported here at SEScoops.com this past weekend, WWE is planning on Undertaker vs. Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam next month. With that in mind, something tells me that things will go wrong for “The Phenom” and “The Big Dog,” leading to individual matches for each against “The Scottish Psychopath” and “The Best in the World,” respectively, at WWE’s “Biggest Event of the Summer.” (Prediction: Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon

Seth Rollins (C) & Becky Lynch (C) vs. Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans (Winner Take All)

Andrew: This is the easiest pick on the entire card as if the company wanted to put the titles on the heels then they could’ve done it in previous matches. WWE has no intention of putting the titles on Evans and Corbin despite how much that they like them and push them on television. Rollins and Lynch move onto different feuds finally after this show. (Prediction: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch)

Ian: These titles are not going on Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans. They just aren’t. I think WWE is going to milk Seth and Becky for all its worth. They’ve never had this dynamic before no matter how badly Vince may have wanted Wendy Richter and the Hulkster to hook up. I’m expecting Becky and Seth to each hold their titles until SummerSlam at the very least. (Prediction: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch)

Matt: Well, I know WWE is big on “shock value” and the “surprise factor” in big matches on big shows, but if you’re laying down any loot for this one, you’re moolah is safe on “The Architect” and “The Man.” I just plain can’t see Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans wearing the prizes that makes them the top dog and dogette on WWE’s red brand. Even if Paul Heyman is holding the pencil, those two on top every Monday night? Nah!! (Prediction: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch

What do the experts think is going to happen on Sunday? Check out the updated WWE Extreme Rules betting odds. What do YOU think is going to happen this Sunday? Sound off in the Comments section below, and make sure to join us here at SEScoops.com on Sunday for live WWE Extreme Rules results.

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