WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals Original Plan For NWO’s Bodyguard

The Godfather. Photo Credit: WWE.com

While the NWO had become a crowded faction already, the WCW Officials decided to announce Vincent, popularly known as Ted DiBiase’s bodyguard Virgil from WWE, as the head of security for the faction during an episode of Nitro in 1996.

However, during a recent episode of Photo Shoot on WWE Network, Hall Of Famer The Godfather revealed the original plans for the head of security/bodyguard position.

According to the Godfather, the original plans were for him to fulfill this position but then the company officials stopped returning his call and one day he saw Vincent playing the role originally intended for him:

“My [WWE] contract was coming up, and I was in negotiations with WCW coming into the nWo as their bodyguard. And we had arranged a verbal contract, and then, I didn’t hear from them, they weren’t returning my calls. And then I’m watching the show one day, and I see Virgil come out as the bodyguard of the nWo.

Continuing on the topic, the former WCW Star explained that the company probably tried to save money by putting Virgil on the position as he was already a known bodyguard.

The Godfather then added that he is not mad at Virgil for taking the role because ‘Virgil is Virgil’. You can check out a promo of the Photo Shoot episode featuring the Hall Of Famer below:

Quotes via WrestingInc