WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions

WWE Hell In A Cell
WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions Roundtable

WWE Hell In A Cell takes place this Sunday night from San Antonio, Texas at the AT&T Center. The card for the tenth event under the Hell In A Cell chronology is solid, with five title matches and two bouts to be contested inside WWE’s demonic structure.

The main event for Sunday’s PPV will see Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman battle in a Hell In A Cell match. The bout will see WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley serve as special guest referee, with the WWE Universal Championship on-the-line.

Additionally, Ronda Rousey will defend her RAW Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss, A.J. Styles will face off against Samoa Joe in a rematch with the WWE Championship up for grabs and more.

SEScoops writers Brad Davis, Andrew Ravens, Jeff Moss and Ian Carey have prepared their predictions for each match scheduled for Sunday night’s big event. Without further adieu, here are our staff predictions for WWE Hell In A Cell.

SD! Tag-Team Champions The New Day vs. Rusev & Aiden English

Brad Davis: To be quite honest, I’m not really into this match. I will chalk it up to, New Day just got the belts and they’re not going to lose them just yet. New Day retains. (Prediction: The New Day)

Andrew Ravens: As much of fan favorites that Rusev and English are, I doubt that they win the titles here. New Day has been a consistent act for the WWE over the last few years, and typically, when they are champions, they hold the titles for an extended amount of time. Plus, they just won the titles a few weeks ago. Makes no sense for them to drop them here. New Day retains. (Prediction: The New Day)

Jeff Moss: Good lord this is a heart-stopper! Two of my favourite tag teams in WWE going head to head? Ic an’t see New Day losing those titles yet, so I’d look to them to retain, but man, I’ve been celebrating Rusev Day so long it’s almost become to commercialized and lost it’s true meaning! But I’m sure I can get it back. It’s sad, but with some many events (HIaC, Evolution, Supershowdown, Survivor Series) all back to back to back, it’s hard to see any big title changes happening at Hell in a Cell. (Prediction: The New Day)

Ian Carey: New Day will likely either win the Smackdown tag-team championships here or re-start their pending split and rivalry. Aiden English had been costing Rusev and Lana matches but has since gone on something of a hot streak. If his hot streak continues, expect Rusev Day to come out with the belts. I’m betting they lose, however, and Rusev once again grows frustrated with his ally. (Prediction: The New Day)

CONSENSUS: 4-0, The New Day

Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy (HIAC Match)

Brad: Jeff Hardy is finally getting the Hell In a Cell match he’s been talking about for the past few years. Randy Orton is a more-than-capable (but somewhat-vanilla) performer. I expect a passable match and at least one crazy bump from Brother Nero. (Prediction: Randy Orton)

Andrew: Hardy has been asking for this kind of match for years and his wish has been granted. This has been a top feud on the blue brand and WWE officials have really let Orton heel it up in a way that he hasn’t done in years, which always makes for entertaining TV. This will be the wildest HIAC match of the night due to Hardy having years of thinking about ways he can do crazy bumps. As a result, this will allow Orton to squeak out a win. (Prediction: Randy Orton)

Jeff: Oh, please don’t let this be the first line of Jeff Hardy’s Obituary. I could see him doing something really, really stupid here to cap off his career (or at least send him off TV for a while). It’s really strange in 2018 to be typing “Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy in the cell worries me” but, dammit, it does. In terms of a winner, Hardy needs the redemption after months of sneak attacks and nut shots have left him lying. In terms of the match, I just hope no one dies. (Prediction: Jeff Hardy)

Ian: Two things could happen here: 1) Jeff Hardy wins after doing something amazing involving the cell – possibly a dive off the roof. Or 2) Orton wins after throwing Hardy off the cell or something similar. One way or the other, Hardy is going to do something Sunday that a 40-year-old beaten-up body should probably not go through. I’m putting my money on Hardy to win though. (Prediction: Jeff Hardy)


SD! Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch

Brad: Becky Lynch’s character has finally gotten some attention over the past few weeks. It’s refreshing, but also somewhat depressing when you think about how badly Becky has been booked since becoming the first woman to hold the SmackDown Women’s Championship (remember that)? (Prediction: Charlotte Flair)

Andrew: You could make the argument that if WWE didn’t announce that they would be wrestling each other again at Super Show-Down then Lynch could be favored to win it here. However, they already made that match official. I see Flair snapping in this match and allowing Lynch to get into her head. Thus, Flair loses by DQ but retains her title at HIAC. Lynch wins the match and most likely gets the title next month at Super Show-Down. (Prediction: Becky Lynch)

Jeff: Why isn’t this match in a cell? Sasha Banks and Charlotte had a great match in there and Becky could deliver one that’s a step up. I’m all in on Evil Spurned Becky Lynch and while I’d like to see her get whats due her here, I can’t help but think that’s more of an Evolution event. Also, at heart, Becky is a good person, so will she have the guts to go full Ciampa on her friend? I don’t think so. Yet. (Prediction: Charlotte)

Ian: I’m not saying this is what they are doing but if you wanted to turn Becky Lynch into the next Daniel Bryan, you might decide to do exactly what WWE has done with her. Here me out on this one. Fans got behind Daniel Bryan because they respected him, wanted him to be champ, and WWE was pushing somebody else (Roman Reigns) down their throat. Similarly, fans respect Becky and want her to win the title but WWE is pushing Charlotte Flair down fans’ throats. One idea is that this would be harmful to Charlotte Flair’s babyface status but unlike with Roman Reigns, they will turn Charlotte Flair heel. In fact, she’ll go heel before WrestleMania next year when she possibly faces Ronda Rousey in the main event. I’m not saying they are doing this on purpose but a conspiracy theorist could claim they are pulling a worked-shoot booking angle here. I’m not saying they are doing it, I’m just saying it’s a possibility. Few can argue that how this has played out has done amazing things for Lynch’s popularity and relevance. Flair keeps the title Sunday, however, just like she will do all the way to WrestleMania. (Prediction: Charlotte Flair)

CONSENSUS: 3-1, Charlotte Flair

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

Brad: It’s pretty amazing how much mileage they can get out of this Bryan vs. Miz feud. The Miz got a cheap win over Bryan at SummerSlam. We know how WWE likes to book Bryan. I think he will win the feud, but they’re not done messing with him and putting heat on Miz (and Maryse). I predict Miz and Maryse wins after more underhanded tactics from the Hollywood couple. Something along the line of, Maryse pretends she’s hurt, Bryan tends to her, Miz capitalizes and the heels laugh at Bryan for being a good guy and letting his guard down. (Prediction: The Miz & Maryse)

Andrew: The energy from the crowd for this match will be off the charts. Based on the go-home edition for HIAC on SmackDown Live, it appears that The Miz and Maryse are going over as booking 101 says that whoever gets the upper hand on the last show before a PPV, typically loses. I have Miz and Maryse winning here with Bryan getting his hand raised next month at Super Show-Down. (Prediction: The Miz & Maryse)

Jeff: Daniel Bryan has re-signed with the WWE and while we are all relieved that Bryan is going to be safely housed in a WWE ring for the next little while instead of killing himself on the Indies, this mixed tag is better suited for the Mixed Match Challenge instead of a PPV event. Hopefully Miz and Bryan do most of the heavy lifting. While I’d rather see the Danielsons win so that Bryan can move into a title program, I’d say we’re in this feud until at least Survivor Series, so Miz & Mrs take this one, probably via the awesome shenanigans they are known for. (Prediction: The Miz & Maryse)

Ian: I’m predicting Daniel Bryan and Brie take this one. With the loss Bryan suffered at the hands of Miz at Summerslam, this feud could use a “feel good ending.” This is not a rivalry where the heels are going to come out victorious so expect Bryan and Brie to come out the winners even though the rivalry will likely continue into October. (Prediction: Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella)

CONSENSUS: 3-1, The Miz & Maryse

RAW Tag-Team Champions Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

Brad: Ziggler and McIntyre have been on to something lately. Ziggler has been spinning his wheels for years, but something about the alliance with big Drew is clicking. All four men can go and I think this match has the potential to be one of the better parts of the show. (Prediction: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre)

Andrew: The winner of this match really doesn’t matter. They will have another match at Super Show-Down next month. I have Ziggler and McIntyre winning here by dirty heel tactics as WWE needs a balance in this feud if Reigns goes over Strowman later in the night. (Prediction: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre)

Jeff: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose winning here would mean the Shield has ALL the titles on RAW (except the Women’s Championship). Something I don’t remember happening since the days of HHH/Flair/Orton & Batista in Evolution (I might be wrong about that though). So, if they are planning a hard Shield run heading in to the Fall, that would be a cool way to do it. If they want to build up the, um, “Not-Shield” (is that what we’re calling Strowman, McIntyre and Ziggs?) then they should lose to the Damn Numbers Game, I’m thinking. What will happen? Probably the latter. By the way, how is this team not called Double D’s? (Prediction: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre)

Ian: I see Rollins and Ambrose winning the titles here and the Shield briefly holding the Universal and tag titles on Raw. I then expect Ziggler and McIntyre to play a role in costing Roman the Universal title, however. (Prediction: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre)

CONSENSUS: 4-0, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

WWE Champion A.J. Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Brad: Wennndyyy! Samoa Joe has been incredible over the past few months. He’s gotten deeply personal with Styles by getting his family involved. I don’t think Joe’s done tormenting Styles. Joe will take Styles’ title, forcing AJ to regroup and figure out how to conquer this bully once and for all. Samoa Joe wins the WWE Championship. (Prediction: Samoa Joe)

Andrew: Styles has had a great run as WWE Champion but it’s time for a change, and it happens here. Joe has been a good heel and counterpart for the babyface in Styles. He has gotten into the head of the champ, and with that, he wins his first WWE Title here. WWE is already promoting a rematch between these two stars for Super Show-Down, and that’s where Styles gets his rematch. (Prediction: Samoa Joe)

Jeff: I have been begging the universe (WWE & Cosmic) to let Joe take that strap off of AJ all summer. However, after seeing the AMAZING StoryTime With Joe promo on SD Live, I’m totally ok if this continues a little longer. I couldn’t love psychopathic Joe more, so I’m hoping this is his moment to stand tall and really give AJ something to fight for. (Prediction: Samoa Joe)

Ian: I don’t believe AJ Styles is going to lose the WWE Championship until sometime in 2019. Likely when he passes CM Punk’s modern day record of 434 days with the belt. To do that he will have to retain the title until just before Royal Rumble 2019. How this title reign impacts Wendy “Styles” and their children is unclear. It won’t be “Night night AJ” on Sunday, however. (Prediction: A.J. Styles)

CONSENSUS: 3-1, Samoa Joe

RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss

Brad: Champions are entitled to rematches. It’s probably not easy getting knocked off your high horse and having your championship title taken from you. But Alexa should have just let this one go. Ronda Rousey is the most dangerous woman in WWE and there is really no way around that. WWE is going all in on Rousey – she will headline WWE Evolution and they will want to keep her strong for that. (Prediction: Ronda Rousey)

Andrew: The loom of SummerSlam is clearer than ever in this match as Rousey just won the title and why would you put the title back on Bliss so quickly? Plus, Rousey is the biggest female star on the roster that WWE has right now. Thus, she should be the champion, and when she does lose the title, it should be to another big star such as Charlotte Flair, which is just a matter of time from happening. Rousey retains with ease. (Prediction: Ronda Rousey)

Jeff: Alexa Bliss is still a magical, perfect creature that deserves to be protected at all costs. That said, if you’re making money off the women’s division, Rousey is it. She just needs a believable opponent. I’d say this will be a squash match, with maybe Mickie James/Alicia Foxy interference. The only hope is that Ronda brings some backup as well … (Prediction: Ronda Rousey)

Ian: Remember when Ronda Rousey destroyed Alexa Bliss in under 5 minutes at Summerslam? Expect this match to go twice as long but feature the same result. Bliss will come in with a plan but ultimately still fall to the champ. (Prediction: Ronda Rousey)

CONSENSUS: 4-0, Ronda Rousey

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman (HIAC Match)

Brad: Roman Reigns slayed Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. He’s now “THE” guy. Congrats! In addition to that Universal Championship, what else does our big winner get? He gets locked inside a cage with perhaps the most dangerous giant in WWE history. Jokes aside, these guys work well together. For the hate that Roman gets from a portion of the audience, he delivers more than not when it comes to big matches. I expect a very physical match, possibly with some interference from Ziggler, McIntyre and The Shield. In the end, our golden boy will stand victorious as WWE continues to solidify him as the top star on Raw. (Prediction: Roman Reigns)

Andrew: The era of Reigns as Universal Champion has just started and makes no sense for him to drop it to Strowman. This is a feud that will last for a few months, but in the end, Reigns will and always be the guy that Vince McMahon wants as the top guy despite what the fans think. Reigns escapes somehow in order to retain his title. (Prediction: Roman Reigns)

Jeff: Well, the addition of Mick Foley as the guest referee certainly… changes? This match? Maybe? Aside from getting the Money In The Bank briefcase off of Strowman, there’s really not much point to this match and all I can really hope for is that these two big dudes manage to wreck the Hell in a Cell cage. Look for someone to get tossed through it that hopefully isn’t over the age of 40. (Prediction: Roman Reigns)

Ian: One theory is that WWE enjoys having Roman chase the belt rather than retain it. This theory would hold that Braun Strowman will walk away from Hell in a Cell the Universal Champion. I agree with this theory and think Strowman wins the belt on Sunday. Perhaps Strowman attempts to hurt Mick Foley and Roman makes the save, creating an opportunity for Strowman to pin the champ. WWE then continues to have Roman chase the title with Strowman in Brock Lesnar’s previous role. (Prediction: Braun Strowman)

CONSENSUS: 3-1, Roman Reigns

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