Saturday, November 28, 2020

WWE Looking For A New Lead Writer For Smackdown

WWE Smackdown is looking for a new lead writer.

WWE has a job posting up at the moment looking for a new lead writer for Smackdown. Ed Koskey is said to be the current head of the Smackdown creative team, working underneath Bruce Prichard, who manages both the RAW and Smackdown teams.

The posting was listed on LinkedIn but now reads that they are no longer accepting applications for the role.

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Last week, it was reported that Joe Belcastro, lead writer for NXT, had left the company. Former producer for NXT, Johnny Russo, updated his LinkedIn account in July, listing himself as the current lead writer of NXT. Russo has been working with the company for the last year.

Former 2x WWE writer and Lucha Underground creative head, Chris DeJoseph, left the company in May.

Triple H was asked about the departing head writer from NXT during a media call to promote TakeOver XXX recently.

“As far as the writing of NXT goes, we shift around a little bit as things happen. I won’t necessarily comment on people that aren’t necessarily talent for us but we have a team that works with NXT that includes Shawn Michaels, Brian James, myself. So, it’s a group and the ideas all go through that. It’s really business as usual for us,” Triple H said. 

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