WWE Network Considering 4 Tiers, Adding ROH & TNA Programming

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WWE is currently doing market research to gauge interest in a multi-tier system for the WWE Network.

The 1st tier would be free, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. It would be limited to 5 hours of viewing a month, the content would include small video clips, access to the full archive of content and the live stream. Live PPV, NXT and other live specials would be blacked out.

The 2nd tier would be $4.99. This plan is exclusive to phones and tablets. It would include the big 4 PPV events (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series), NXT on demand not live, unlimited viewing of the full archive of content as well as the live stream but will not include a possible new Cruiserweight show.

The 3rd tier would be $9.99. This tier is basically the standard one that is available now with some possible undisclosed upgrades.

The 4th and final tier would be $14.99. It would include all the above as well as content from other promotions not under the WWE umbrella. Dave specifically mentions TNA and ROH, WWE is interested in the full library from both companies but would also like to air live events. He goes on to say there has been rumblings about the interest in Ring Of Honor specifically.

There would also be possibilities of working out deals with several other independent companies such as EVOLVE, or PROGRESS out of the UK.

Additional benefits of this premium tier would be the ability to vote for WWE Hall Of Fame candidates and exclusive opportunities for ticket pre sales and talent meet and greets.

This would be very interesting and could really change the landscape of independent wrestling if WWE started airing this content on their network. It could potentially put more eyes on companies that might not have been able to get that type of exposure otherwise.

Discussion: Let us know your thoughts on this potential tier based system and which one would you sign up for, if any.

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