WWE Network Promotes Impact Wrestling’s Streaming Service (Photo)

WWE Network
WWE Network

WWE fans were talking about what was shown on the latest episode of Table for 3.

In case you haven’t seen the show on the sports entertainment company’s streaming service, WWE Network, the show is about WWE superstars from the past and present sit down to dinner and reminisce about their careers.

This week’s episode of the series, which was the start of season 2, featured Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, and WWE Champion AJ Styles. During the episode, WWE used some old footage of Styles and Angle from their time in TNA. WWE advertised Impacts ‘Global Wrestling Network App’ as a tradeoff for using the footage, as seen here:

Unlike in the past, WWE is no longer against either mentioning or using footage from other wrestling promotions. They even interviewed former TNA President Dixie Carter for an episode of WWE 24 that was about Angle’s return to the WWE.

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