WWE Reportedly Not Interested In Bringing Back Alberto Del Rio

It sounds like WWE has no interest in bringing back Alberto Del Rio to the company despite his recent apology comments.

Despite his recent comments, it doesn’t sound like the WWE is interested in bringing back Alberto Del Rio. The former WWE Champion spoke to Contralona TV and revealed he recently apologized to Triple H and mended fences with WWE. Upon that news, many believed this could signal a return to the company for the Mexican star. Here’s what he had to say:

“Now everything is normal with them, I apologized and shook hands, even with Mr. Levesque, with whom I do not agree on many things, especially how things ended and how they were done [when he was fired in 2014], but I should never have crossed the line and disrespect him.

“A man can only be called a man by admitting his mistakes. I lived a very difficult stage in my life: one year and two months in which I had to win the most difficult battle of my life that was against myself.”

However, Fightful reports that such a reunion is unlikely. The report notes that Del Rio left a very poor impression on talent, staff, and management alike due to his no-show issues last year. Also, WWE wouldn’t want to make Paige uncomfortable, who the company holds in high regard. The company doesn’t have a clear plan for Paige yet, and the status of her friendship or relationship with Del Rio is unknown.

It was also stressed that neither Paige or anyone else is actively campaigning against a Del Rio return. It’s simply a matter of the negative possibilities outweighing the positive ones. With that being said, there seems to be no plans to bring Del Rio back, or even any interest in the idea at the moment.

Do you think WWE would ever consider bringing back Del Rio to the company?

H/T Super Luchas for the transcriptions

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