WWE NXT Recap & Results (1/9)

Gargano Sent A Message To Ricochet

Johnny Gargano kicked off the show by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Gargano vowed to be better in 2019 and become a champion. He brought up Ciampa and crowd quickly broke out in a “DIY!” chant.

Gargano stated that Tommaso was still a piece of trash with a championship that he wants. Johnny added that he was going to take the North American Championship from Ricochet, which prompted Ricochet to interrupt.

Ricochet came down to the ring and told Gargano that if he wanted a shot at the title, all he had to was ask. Ricochet asked if Johnny was going to try and take the title like a man, or will he attack him from behind in a parking lot? Ricochet vowed to defeat Gargano at TakeOver: Phoenix and retain his title.

Tommaso Ciampa joined the party and Gargano told him to get out of here. Aleister Black’s music hit and he appeared on the jumbotron. Black told Ciampa that he should be more concerned with him than Gargano and vowed to make Ciampa fade to black at TakeOver: Phoenix.

The lights in the arena then went out and Black appeared right behind Ciampa. Aleister booted Ciampa in the face and tried to Suplex him through the announce table. Ciampa escaped backstage as Johnny hit Ricochet with a cheap shot Superkick. Gargano took a look at the NXT North American Championship before heading backstage.

Ricochet was later interviewed as he was leaving Full Sail and he vowed to take Gargano out. Ricochet added that all the respect he had for Johnny is gone because he Superkicked it away tonight.

Bianca Belair Is Still Undefeated

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Bianca Belair battled Nikki Cross once again on this week’s episode of NXT. Bianca shoved Nikki to start off the match and Cross responded with a Crossbody. Belair went for the hair whip but Nikki dodged it and elbowed Belair in the face.

Nikki went for a roll-up but Bianca flipped out of it and hit Cross with a Dropkick. Nikki sent Belair to the corner and charged at her but Belair hit a punch that sent Cross tumbling out of the ring.

Cross trapped Belair in the ring skirt and beat her down as the crowd chanted “Nikki!”.  Back in the ring, Cross made her way to the top rope but Bianca hit her with a forearm to the face. Belair showed off her strength and lifted Nikki above her head, and then dropped her face-first to the canvas.

Belair locked in an Abdominal Stretch in the middle of the ring. Bianca quickly transitioned into a Backbreaker and went for the cover but Nikki kicked out at two. Belair went for a Vertical Suplex but Nikki countered into a DDT for a near fall.

Nikki hit another Crossbody and then a Splash in the corner. Cross followed it up with a Running Bulldog and then a Reverse DDT for another two count. Belair blocked Cross’ attempt at a Neckbreaker and absolutely leveled her with a Spear for a two count.

Bianca went for a Splash but Cross got her knees up. Cross connected with the Neckbreaker this time but couldn’t go for the cover because Belair smartly rolled out of the ring. Nikki followed her to the outside and locked in a Sleeper Hold. Belair broke the hold by slamming Cross down on the steel entrance ramp.

Both Superstars made it into the ring at the last second to break up the referee’s count. Cross and Belair started trading shots and then Bianca charged at Nikki in the corner. Cross dove out of the way and Belair slammed her shoulder into the steel ring post.

Nikki went for the cover but Bianca kicked out at the last moment and the match continued. Belair blasted Nikki in the face with a forearm and both Superstars collapsed to the canvas. Bianca sent Cross to the corner and taunted her by slapping her in the face.

Belair perched Cross on the top rope and set up for a Superplex but Nikki shoved her away. Nikki went for a Crossbody off the top rope but Belair got out of the way. Bianca lifted Cross up in the Torture Rack and then planted her with the K.O.D. for the pinfall victory.

Aichner & Barthel Dominated

Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel faced Stanley Watts and Hector Kunsman tonight on NXT. Aichner and Barthel dominated early but Watts battled back and hit Aichner with an Enziguri. Barthel tagged in and launched Watts towards Aichner who caught him with a Brainbuster. Aichner and Barthel then hit Watts with a Powerbomb/German Suplex for the pinfall victory.

Adam Cole Defeated EC3

EC3 faced Adam Cole in the main event of this week’s episode of NXT. Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish were ringside for the match. Cole applied a Headlock to start off the match but EC3 quickly broke the hold and shoved Cole to the corner.

EC3 leveled Cole with a shoulder tackle and followed it up with a chop that echoed throughout the arena. EC3 blasted Cole off the ring apron and sent him flying into the barricade.

Cole connected with an Enziguri and then slammed EC3 into the steel steps. Adam got into the ring and took a bow as the crowd booed. Cole brought EC3 back inside and stomped on him several times in the corner of the ring.

Adam Cole focused his attack on EC3’s injured shoulder as the crowd rallied behind EC3. Cole connected with a Neckbreaker and tried to Suplex EC3 out of the ring. EC3 countered into a Suplex of his own and both Superstars fell to the mat.

EC3 hit Cole with an Elbow Drop for a near fall and Cole rolled to the apron. Cole booted EC3 in the face and went for the cover but EC3 kicked out at two. Cole connected with a Backstabber for another near fall.

Cole took down his knee pad and went for the Last Shot but EC3 ducked it and hit a German Suplex. EC3 followed it up with a massive Clothesline for a two count. EC3 planted Cole with a Powerbomb as the rest of Undisputed Era got into the ring.

Adam Cole capitalized on the distraction with a Superkick and followed it up with the Last Shot for the pinfall victory. After the match, Undisputed Era attacked EC3 but War Raiders rushed to the ring for the save. Hanson and Rowe beat the hell out of Undisputed Era as the crowd chanted “war!”. The War Raiders will battle for the NXT Tag Team Championships at NXT TakeOver: Phoenix.