WWE NXT Recap & Results (10/10)

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Nikki Cross Knows A Secret

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NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa came down to the ring to start off this week’s episode of NXT. Ciampa referred to himself as the greatest sports entertainer of all time and also claimed that his entrance theme was all the best ever.

Tommaso brought up Velveteen Dream and how he craves attention. The crowd broke out in a very loud “Velveteen!” chant as Tommaso stated that Dream has gone about getting his attention the wrong way.

Velveteen Dream interrupted and came down to the entrance ramp. Velveteen laughed at Ciampa calling himself the greatest sports entertainer of all time. Dream added that he doesn’t appreciate Ciampa’s threats and then hopped up on the ring apron.

Dream said that Tommaso was an angry little bald man hiding behind his insecurities. Ciampa replied that he is an angry little bald man with a shiny belt. Ciampa claimed that Dream accused him of attacking Aleister Black because he just wants attention and asked Dream to admit it. Ciampa joked that Dream just isn’t “Tough Enough”.

Velveteen Dream laughed and made his way into the ring. Dream claimed that he was more man than Ciampa can handle. Velveteen asked Ciampa for a moment with him and the NXT Championship.

Nikki Cross interrupted and came down to the ring. Nikki laughed her way down the entrance ramp and then started slapping her jacket on the canvas as the crowd chanted “Triple Threat!”. The crowd then chanted “Nikki knows a secret!” as Nikki bopped around the ring, Cross then told Velveteen that she knows what he doesn’t and then pretended to have a conversation with Ciampa’s title.

Tommaso got annoyed and Cross slapped the microphone out of his hand. Nikki then laid down on the mat and shouted into the microphone that she knows what they don’t. Cross scrambled towards Dream and Velveteen comically rolled out of the ring. Tommaso tried to pick up the microphone and Nikki booted it out of the ring. Nikki left as Ciampa’s music played to end the segment.

Keith Lee Defeated Kona Reeves

Keith Lee faced Kona Reeves tonight on NXT. Reeves taunted Lee before the match as the crowd chanted “Kona’s trash!”. Lee shoved Reeves to the corner and slapped Kona across the chest. Keith followed it up with a Dropkick and then launched Reeves out of the ring with ease.

Lee tried to bring Reeves back into the ring but Kona used the ring apron as a distraction and blasted Lee in the face. Kona took control of the match and hit an Elbow Drop off the second rope. Reeves applied a Headlock in the middle of the ring as the crowd got behind Lee.

Keith escaped but Reeves knocked him back down to the canvas. Kona punched Lee in the face several times but all it did was piss Keith off. Lee connected with a shoulder tackle and then a Supernova for the pinfall victory.

Ricochet Retained In An Awesome Match

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Ricochet defended his North American Championship against Adam Cole and Pete Dunne in a Triple Threat match in the main event of this week’s episode of NXT.

Ricochet and Dunne beat the hell out of Adam Cole in the corner of the ring to start off the match. Cole battled back and shoved Ricochet into Dunne. Pete rolled out of the ring as Cole and Ricochet traded shots. Cole connected with a boot to the midsection but Ricochet hit a Hurricanrana out of nowhere.

Cole launched Ricochet out of the ring as Dunne climbed back inside. Dunne leveled Cole with an awesome Clothesline as Ricochet got back inside the ring. Dunne and Ricochet circled each other and then locked up in the middle of the ring. Dunne dragged Ricochet to the canvas but Ricochet hopped back up. Dunne and Ricochet proceeded to have an awesome exchange in which they dodged each other’s moves.

Dunne and Ricochet then teamed up on Cole again and booted him out of the ring. Ricochet extended his hand to Dunne but Pete opted to punch Ricochet in the face instead of shaking his hand. Dunne went to work on Ricochet’s fingers but Ricochet countered with an Arm Drag.

Cole bashed Ricochet in the face and then stomped on both of them before posing in the ring. Cole threw Ricochet out of the ring and hit Dunne with a Neckbreaker for a near fall. Ricochet got back up on the apron but Cole quickly sent him back to the floor outside the ring. Cole hit Dunne with a boot to the face and went for the cover but Dunne kicked out at two.

Pete Dunne hit Cole with an Enziguri but Ricochet leaped into frame and hit an awesome springboard Headscissors on Dunne. Ricochet hit Cole with a flying uppercut for another near fall. Dunne hit Ricochet in the face with an elbow and then did the same to Cole. Dunne then applied a single legged crab to both Cole and Ricochet at the same time in the middle of the ring.

Ricochet escaped but Cole quickly hit him with a Backstabber for a two count and then knocked Dunne back down to the mat. All three Superstars started trading punches to the face from their knees and then got back to their feet. Cole hit Dunne with an Enziguri that sent him out of the ring and followed it up with a running knee to Ricochet’s face for a two count.

Everyone started trading kicks and Ricochet ended the exchange with a Shooting Star Press. Ricochet went for a springboard Moonsault but Cole and Dunne connected with a double Superkick to Ricochet’s face while he was upside down in midair. Cole and Dunne then traded punches to the face from their knees again as Ricochet slowly got back up.

Dunne stomped on Cole’s hand and then booted him out of the ring. Cole and Dunne then battled on the ring apron and Cole planted Dunne face first. Cole went for a Superkick but Dunne got out of the way and then stomped on Cole’s elbow against the steps. Cole took out Ricochet with a Superkick and turned around into a Moonsault from Dunne.

Back in the ring, Dunne hit Ricochet with an X-Plex and went for the cover but Cole leaped into the ring to break it up at the last moment. Dunne made his way up to the top rope and Cole greeted him with a punch to the face. Cole and Dunne then battled on the top rope before Ricochet joined the party. Ricochet hit a double Frankensteiner that sent Cole and Dunne flying across the ring. Ricochet connected with a Flatliner on Dunne and went for the cover but Pete somehow kicked out at two as the crowd chanted “fight forever!”.

Ricochet brought Dunne to the corner of the ring and then climbed up to the top rope. Cole sprinted across the ring and crotched Ricochet on the top turnbuckle. Dunne bent back Cole’s fingers but Cole countered into a roll-up and used the ropes for leverage. Dunne kicked out and hit Cole with the Bitter End. Ricochet went for a Shooting Star Press off the top rope but Dunne caught him in a Triangle submission. Cole hit Ricochet with a Superkick and then delivered the Last Shot to Dunne and went for the cover but Dunne kicked out at two as the crowd shouted: “this is awesome!”.

Dunne hit Cole with a ridiculous Clothesline and then hit him with the Bitter End once again. Dunne went for the cover but Ricochet came out of nowhere with a springboard 450 Splash for the pinfall victory. Ricochet is still the NXT North American Champion.

Announced for next week’s episode of NXT:

  • Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair
  • NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Undisputed Era (c) vs. War Raiders

The following promo for Shayna Baszler aired during tonight’s broadcast. Shayna Baszler will look to recapture the NXT Women’s Championship at WWE Evolution later this month.