WWE NXT Recap & Results (12/5)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Kassius Ohno Attacked Matt Riddle

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Matt Riddle squared off against the debuting Punishment Martinez on tonight’s episode of NXT. Dueling “let’s go Riddle!” and “Punishment!” as the two Superstars locked up to start off the bout. Riddle locked in a Sleeper Hold but Martinez broke it by slamming Riddle to the canvas.

Punishment followed it up with a big right hand and went for a Splash in the corner but Riddle got out of the way. Riddle delivered a flurry of kicks but Punishment responded with a Cyclone Kick of his own for a two count.

Martinez grabbed Riddle by the throat but Riddle escaped and leveled him with a kick to the head. Riddle clubbed Punishment in the chest several times and then applied the Bromission for the submission victory.

After the match, Kassius Ohno snuck up behind Riddle on the entrance ramp and hit him with an elbow to the face.

The Forgotten Sons Picked Up A Victory

Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza faced The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake) tonight on NXT. Jaxson Ryker of The Forgotten Sons was ringside for the match. Cutler and Mendoza started off the match. Cutler brought Mendoza to the canvas and applied a Headlock.

Mendoza escaped and dropped Cutler with an Enziguri. Humberto tagged in and hit a Splash for a one count. Cutler drove Carrillo to the corner and Blake tagged in. Wesley lit up Mendoza with a loud chop to his chest in the corner of the ring.

Carrillo battled back with an Enziguri and Mendoza tagged in. Mendoza hit Cutler with a springboard Hurricanrana and was then promptly launched across the ring by Blake. Cutler tagged back in and connected with a Backbreaker on Mendoza.

Cutler hit another Backbreaker and went for the cover but Raul kicked out at the last second. Mendoza hit a Belly to Back Suplex and leaped across the ring to tag in Carrillo. Humberto hit Blake with a Crossbody and followed it up with an awesome Dropkick off the top rope.

Humberto hit a Moonsault and went for the cover but Blake broke it up. Mendoza went for a Suicide Dive but Blake caught him and slammed him on the entrance ramp. Cutler and Blake then hit Carrillo with a Stomp/Scorpion Death Drop for the pinfall victory.

Velveteen Dream Addressed His Loss To Ciampa At TakeOver

Velveteen Dream was interviewed backstage about what is next for him following his loss to Tommaso Ciampa at NXT TakeOver. Dream said that the people are still talking about him and that he has even heard Triple H talking about him. Thus, he didn’t feel like he lost anything at TakeOver: WarGames.

Shayna Baszler Defeated Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai and Shayna Baszler battled tonight on NXT. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir accompanied Baszler down to the ring for the match. Shayna drove Kai to the corner to start off the match. Dakota escaped and knocked Shayna out of the ring with a kick to the face.

Baszler grabbed Kai by the leg and slammed her into the ring post. Back in the ring, Shayna tried to stomp on Kai’s elbow but Dakota got out of the way. Kai went for a roll-up but Shayna kicked out at one and then stomped on Kai’s arm.

Dakota battled back with a flurry of kicks to Shayna’s head and then hit the Facewash Kick in the corner of the ring. Dakota went for another Facewash but Baszler dodged it and hit a running knee to her face for a near fall.

Kai leveled Shayna with a kick to the face and then made her way to the top rope. Kai connected with a Stomp for a near fall. Baszler and Kai traded shots on the top rope. Dakota hit a Headbutt but Shayna responded with an Enziguri.

Shayna followed it up with a Gutrench Superplex and both Superstars crashed to the canvas. Kai went for another kick but Baszler countered into the Kirifuda Clutch. Kai reached for the ropes but couldn’t get there and passed out from the pain to end the match.

After the match, Baszler, Duke, and Shafir surrounded Kai and started stomping on her. Io Shirai rushed down to the ring for the save. Io knocked Duke and Shafir out of the ring and sent Baszler to the corner. Kai went for the Facewash Kick but Duke and Shafir pulled Shayna out of the ring at the last moment.

Ciampa Suggested A Steel Cage Match To Gargano & Black

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa and boasted about his victory over Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver: WarGames II. Ciampa blasted the crowd for still refusing to believe in him, Tommaso then pointed directly at Mauro Ranallo and shouted: “you don’t believe in me but mamma mia here I stand!”.

Ciampa declared himself the sports entertainer of the year but was then interrupted by Aleister Black. Aleister made his way to the ring as the crowd chanted his name. Aleister stated that he absolved Gargano of his sins at TakeOver and accused Ciampa of creating those sins.

Black said that Ciampa is not a real champion, he is another sin that he be absolved. Black announced that he will invoke his rematch clause at NXT TakeOver: Pheonix. Johnny Gargano joined the party and said that he wasn’t finished with Aleister Black.

Gargano added that it is over when he says it is over and got right in Aleister’s face. Ciampa jokingly called Gargano “Johnny Badass” and said that Gargano gets fixated on things and refuses to let things go.

Tommaso suggested that Black and Gargano finish their rivalry inside of a steel cage. Ciampa asked the crowd if they wanted to see that and the crowd responded with a “yes!” chant. Gargano wanted the match and Black shouted that he would fight him back in the parking lot.

Johnny asked Black how that worked out for him last time and Aleister went for the Black Mass but Gargano got out of the way. Aleister then hit Ciampa with a Black Mass to end the show.

Announced for next week’s show:

  • EC3 vs. Bobby Fish

  • Ricochet will defend the NXT North American Championship against a mystery opponent