WWE NXT Recap & Results (4/11)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The first episode of WWE NXT following NXT TakeOver: New Orleans aired tonight on the WWE Network. Ember Moon, The Authors of Pain, Billy Kay, Peyton Royce and No Way Jose were all called up to the main roster this week. There still may be more NXT talent making their way up to RAW or SmackDown during next week’s Superstar Shake-Up. Lars Sullivan versus Killian Dain was announced for next week’s episode of NXT. Johnny Gargano will also appear on next week’s show.

Tonight’s episode of NXT featured two matches and several recaps from the matches that took place at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans.

Kairi Sane Defeated Lacey Evans

Kairi Sane battled Lacey Evans to start off this week’s episode of NXT. Lacey Evans trashed the entire NXT women’s division last week and called them social outcasts. Evans started off the match in control and drove Sane to the corner. The NXT crowd in New Orleans chanted “lets go Kairi” as Evans threw Sane towards the ropes.

Sane leaped onto the second rope and then casually hopped down and folded her arms as she looked at Evans. Kairi connected with a Dropkick to Evans and sent her to the ring apron. Evans grabbed Kairi and slammed her into the turnbuckle. Lacey followed it up with a slingshot Elbow Drop for a two count.

Evans connected with a roundhouse kick and then a Clothesline for another two count. Lacey applied a Chin Lock in the middle of the ring as the crowd got behind Sane. Evans broke the hold and thew Sane to the corner. Lacey blasted Sane in the face with a forearm and then jokingly asked if Kairi was okay. Evans delivered a chop across the chest and then stomped on Sane’s back. Evans went back to the Chin Lock in the middle of the ring. Lacey went for the cover, but Sane was able to kick out at two as NXT went to a commercial break.

When NXT returned, Evans had Sane trapped in the corner and connected with a Bronco Buster for a two count. Sane connected with a couple of chops, but Evans hit a Shoulder Breaker for another two count. Evans hit a chop of her own and went for another one but it was blocked by Sane. Kairi connected with the Interceptor Spear and both Superstars fell to the mat.

Sane booted Evans in the back and followed it up with a running Blockbuster. Sane marched her way to the corner and geared herself up. Sane hit a sliding forearm and climbed to the top rope. Kairi connected with a flying elbow for a two count. Sane delivered a spinning back-fist and followed it up with the Insane Elbow Drop for the pinfall victory.

War Raiders Beatdown Heavy Machinery and Sabbatelli & Moss

Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss faced Heavy Machinery tonight in the main event of NXT. Tucker Knight and Sabbatelli started off the match. The crowd chanted “Tino sucks!” as Knight dropped Tino to the canvas. Moss tagged in and got into the ring. Otis Dozovic joined the party and a brawl broke out between the two teams as NXT went to a commercial break.

When NXT returned, Moss connected with a Fallaway Slam to Tucker Knight for a two count. Sabbatelli tagged in and continued to beatdown Knight. The crowd once again chanted “Tino sucks!” as Sabbatelli launched Knight into the turnbuckle. Tino shouted “who sucks now?!” as he tagged Moss back in.

Tino leveled Knight with a Crossbody and Moss went for the cover, but Knight was able to kick out at the last second. Tino tagged in and Knight booted him in the face. Knight rolled across the ring and Dozovic finally was able to tag in. Otis hit Moss and Sabbatelli with a series of Splashes in opposite corners.

Otis hit a Back Body Drop to Moss that sent him out of the ring. Otis connected with a Stinger Splash on Sabbatelli and followed it up with an Elbow Drop. Tucker Knight and Moss got back into the ring and both connected with a Clothesline at the same time. War Raiders then showed up and started attacking everyone and the referee called for the bell. Hanson and Rowe, formerly known as War Machine, continued their beatdown as the crowd cheered them on to end the show.