WWE NXT Recap & Results (4/25)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Undisputed Era kicked off this week’s show. Cole, Fish, O’Reilly and Roderick Strong came down to the ring. Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly had the NXT Tag Team Championship belts around their waists as Adam Cole post with the NXT North American Championship on the ring apron.

Strong said that he is not the type of guy to pat himself on the back, which led to Cole, Fish and O’Reilly patting Strong on his back. Roderick said that he made the decision to join Undisputed Era because Pete Dunne only cares about his United Kingdom Championship. Kyle O’Reilly said times are changing and that they are leaving everyone in the dust.

Adam Cole grabbed the microphone and said that he is going to defent the NXT North American Championship against Oney Lorcan right now. Cole said that he wanted to do this on his own and then chuckled while saying “lets be real, I don’t really need any help beating Oney Lorcan”.

Roderick Strong Helped Adam Cole Retain The NXT North American Championship

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Adam Cole defended his NXT North American Championship against Oney Lorcan tonight. Lorcan controlled the match early and targeted Cole’s taped up ribs. Lorcan applied the Abdominal Stretch for a moment, but Cole was able to escape and roll out of the ring to regroup.

Cole blocked a Suplex attempt by Lorcan on the ring apron and then booted him in the side of the head. Cole brought Lorcan to the corner and stomped on him several times. Cole connected with a flurry of punches and then got up and held his injured ribs. Cole drove his knee into Lorcan’s back and applied a Chin Lock in the middle of the ring.

Lorcan broke free and connected with a couple of jabs to Cole’s midsection. Oney delivered a chop to Cole’s chest and then kneed him in the ribs. Oney followed it up with a running Blockbuster for a two count. Oney dropped Cole’s midsection across the top rope and Cole fell to the floor outside the ring.

Oney Lorcan climbed up the turnbuckle and Undisputed Era rushed the ring with a medical trainer. The referee was distracted as the trainer attended to Adam Cole. Roderick Strong connected with a Back Body Drop to Lorcan on the ring apron and then threw him in the ring. Adam Cole was then magically healed and got into the ring and hit the Last Shot on Lorcan for the victory.

After the match, Undisputed Era continued to beatdown Oney Lorcan. Danny Burch came down to the ring to save his tag partner, but Undisputed Era took him out as well.

Sabbatelli Turned His Back On Moss, Heavy Machinery Challenged War Raiders

Heavy Machinery battled Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss tonight on NXT. Tucker Knight and Riddick Moss started off the match. Knight leveled Moss with a shoulder tackle. Sabbatelli ran into the ring, but he was greeted with a shoulder tackle from Otis Dozovic.

Dozovic threw Tino out of the ring as Tucker Knight connected with a Back Body Drop to Moss in the ring. Otis tagged in and connected with the Compacter on Moss & Sabbatelli. Heavy Machinery then stood on Moss and Sabbatelli’s chests and posed as the crowd cheered.

Moss battled back and slammed Otis to the canvas. Moss connected with a punch to the face and Sabbatelli tagged in. Moss connected with a Splash in the corner before heading to the ring apron. Tinp connected with a couple of jabs in the corner and then Moss tagged back in.

Moss charged at Dozovic in the corner, but Otis got out of the way and Moss slammed into Tino on the apron. Tucker Knight tagged in and delivered a boot to Moss’ face in the corner. Riddick Moss tried to tag in Tino Sabbatelli, but Tino leaped off the apron and turned his back on his tag partner. Heavy Machinery then connected with the Compacter on Riddick Moss for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Heavy Machinery grabbed a couple microphones and challenged War Raiders to a match.

Dakota Kai Didn’t Want To Talk About Shayna Baszler

Dakota Kai was asked about the incident last week where Shayna Baszler bullied her backstage. Kai refused to answer and said that she would prefer to not talk about it. Baszler interrupted and shouted at Kai to look at her. Shayna said that a women’s division run by Baszler is Kai’s worst nightmare and walked away. Dakota Kai looked petrified as the segment ended.

Tommaso Ciampa Attacked Gargano, Aleister Black Dismantled SAnitY

Johnny Gargano was set to face Aleister Black for the NXT Championship tonight. During Gargano’s entrance, Tommaso Ciampa attacked him from behind. Ciampa tried to slam Gargano through a table, but Gargano fought back and knocked him to the floor. Gargano leaped off the table and landed on Ciampa. Johnny slammed Ciampa’s face off the entrance ramp and the battle continued up the ramp. Ciampa hit Johnny with a low-blow as the crowd mocked Tommaso by chanting “you tapped out!”. Ciampa then hit a running knee to the face as Gargano was up against a screen on the ramp.

Tommaso refused to stop his attack and then slammed Gargano through a table next to the ramp. Ciampa sat next to Gargano for a moment before finally climbing back onto the stage. Candice LeRae showed up as referees shouted that Gargano needs medical help. Ciampa stood over Gargano on the entrance ramp as the crowd booed. Johnny was loaded onto a stretcher as the crowd chanted “Johnny Wrestling!”.

Gargano was loaded onto a stretcher and wheeled backstage. Johnny was shown being stretchered towards an ambulance. Aleister Black appeared and took a look at Gargano before walking away. Ciampa was then shown on top of a truck watching Gargano being taken away in an ambulance.

Aleister Black came down to the ring and grabbed a microphone. Black said that Ciampa eliminated his competition… but was quickly interrupted by SAnitY.

Young, Dain and Wolfe came down the entrance ramp and joined Black in the ring. Young said that Gargano provided hope, but chaos took away that hope tonight. Young added that out of the chaos, they will find SAnitY. Black cut him off and asked Young if he was looking for the NXT Championship. Young shook his head and Black said “lets do this!”.

Eric Young elbowed Black in the face and applied a Headlock in the middle of the ring. Aleister battled back and knocked Young out of the ring. Eric got back into the ring and elbowed Black in the face. Black responded with a couple of knee strikes and then a boot to the side of the head. Wolfe hopped up on the ring apron and distracted Black. Young started choking Black by the turnbuckle and then slammed him to the canvas for a two count.

Young connected with a Back Body Drop for another two count. Young quickly applied a Chin Lock as the crowd clapped to get behind Aleister Black. Aleister powered to his feet and broke the hold. Black connected with a kick to the face and went for a roll-up for a two count. Aleister followed it up with a knee strike to the face and both Superstars fell to the mat.

Black connected with a springboard Moonsault for a two count. Young slung Black to the corner and charged at him. Black dodged him and locked in an Octopus Hold in the middle of the ring. Young countered and planted Black with a Death Valley Bomb for a two count. Young climbed up the turnbuckle but Black blasted him in the face. Both Superstars battled on the top rope. Young knocked Black to the canvas and then walked into a Black Mass for the victory.

After the amtch, Black connected with a Black Mass to Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe. Black raised the title in the ring as SAnitY was on the mat. It was announced during WWE’s Superstar Shake-Up that SAnitY will be joining SmackDown’s roster.

Announced for next week’s episode of NXT:

  • Bianca Belair vs. Candice LeRae
  • Kona Reeves returns