WWE NXT Recap & Results (5/23)

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TM61 Picked Up A Cheap Victory Over Heavy Machinery

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Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight) faced TM61 (Shane Thorne & Nick Miller) tonight on NXT. Jonathan Coachman was shown in the crowd and he was cheering on Heavy Machinery. Dozovic and Thorne started off the match. Otis caught Thorne’s arm and comically marched around the ring before throwing him to the mat.

Knight tagged in and leveled Thorne with a shoulder tackle for a two count. Knight lifted Thorne up and connected with an Atomic Drop. Nick Miller tagged in and was greeted with a Hip Toss from Tucker. Otis leveled Shane Thorne as he tried to get into the ring to help his partner. Otis and Knight used Thorne as a battering ram and slammed him into Nick Miller who was caught up in the ropes.

Tucker slammed Miller’s face into the turnbuckle and then did the same on the opposite side of the ring. Otis told him to do it again and Knight obliged. Thorne tagged in and leveled Knight with an uppercut that sent him crashing to the canvas. Thorne beatdown Knight in the corner and connected with another uppercut to the throat.

Miller got back in the match and delivered a few boots to the midsection in the corner of the ring. Miller bounced Knight’s face off the turnbuckle and Thorne tagged himself back in. Shane quickly tagged out after a couple of stomps and then Miller continued the beatdown as Knight was trapped in the corner.

Knight battled back with a few elbows, but Thorne tagged in and connected with an elbow to the back of the head. Nick Miller and Thorne tried to Suplex Knight but Tucker showed off his strength and Suplexed them both to the mat at the same time. Otis finally tagged in and cleaned house with a series of Clotheslines.

Dozovic planted Miller with a Body Slam and started firing up the crowd. Otis wormed his way across the ring and connected with an Elbow Drop. Dozovic went for the cover, but Thorne broke it up. Knight launched Thorne across the ring and charged at him. Thorne escaped out of the ring and Tucker fell through the ropes and to the floor. Otis slammed Miller to the mat and made his way up to the second rope. Thorne connected with a boot to the face that sent Otis to the canvas. Miller covered Dozovic as Thorne held Miller’s legs on the bottom rope for leverage.

Lacey Evans Defeated Kairi Sane

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Kairi Sane and Lacey Evans battled tonight on NXT. Sane attacked Evans to start off the match, but Lacey battled back with a loud chop that echoed through the arena. Sane delivered a chop of her own and then slammed her to the mat for a two count. Evans connected with a kick to the knee and then applied the Cobra Clutch in the middle of the ring.

Sane battled to her feet and broke the hold. Evans connected with a knee to the face and then dropped another knee on Sane’s arm. Lacey continued to target Kairi’s arm and then threw her to the corner. Evans stretched out Sane’s arm across the top rope until the referee broke it up. Evans stomped on Sane in the corner and followed it up with a Bronco Buster.

The crowd got behind Sane as she battled back and connected with a Blockbuster. Kairi followed it up with the Interceptor Spear that sent Evans flying across the ring. Sane marched around the ring and geared up in the corner. Sane connected with a sliding elbow and Evans rolled out of the ring.

Kairi follwowed her out there and leaped off the steel steps for another elbow. Sane threw Evans into the ring and made her way to the top rope. Sane screamed and then jumped towards Evans in the ring. Lacey was ready for her and connected with the Women’s Right for the pinfall victory.

Velveteen Dream Screwed Over Ricochet

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Velveteen Dream & Ricochet battled Lars Sullivan in a Handicap Match tonight on NXT. This match was made after Lars Sullivan attacked them both last week. Dream started off the match with Sullivan as Ricochet was on the ring apron. Lars threw Dream across the ring and Velveteen quickly tagged out.

Ricochet locked up with Sullivan in the middle of the ring. Lars dragged Ricochet to the canvas face-first. Ricochet and Dream then got into the ring at the same time and connected with a double Dropkick. Lars didn’t fall down, but finally did after Ricochet hit a Dropkick off the top rope.

Dream and Ricochet took turns jumping on Sullivan in the corner. Sullivan grabbed Ricochet by the neck and launched him to the corner. Ricochet booted Lars in the head and Dropkicked him to the corner. Dream tagged in connected with a double Superkick with onto Lars for a two count.

Dream and Ricochet continued to attack Sullivan, but Lars continued to fight them off. Sullivan hit a ridiculous Clothesline that turned Dream inside out. Lars launched dream across the ring for a two count. Sullivan beatdown on Dream and threw him into the turnbuckle for a two count.

Sullivan connected with a knee to the ribs and then clubbed Velveteen across the back. Dream tried to crawl to the corner but Sullivan grabbed his leg. Lars planted Dream with a Powerslam and went for the cover, but Dream was able to kick out at two. Lars made his way to the top rope and connected with a diving Headbutt to Dream’s ribs.

Lars went for the cover, but Ricochet leaped in the ring at the last second to break it up. Lars chased Ricochet around the ring and then back into the ring. As Sullivan was getting back into the ring, Dream connected with the Purple Rainmaker to Sullivan’s back. Ricochet tagged in and connected with a flurry of punches to Sullivan. Dream hit a Crossbody off the top and Ricochet followed it up with a standing Shooting Star Press for a two count.

Dream tagged back in and booted Sullivan in the face. Ricochet connected with a kick before he made his way to the ring apron. Dream connected with a Senton and then Ricochet hit a 450 Splash. Velveteen Dream then planted Ricochet with a Death Valley Driver and left the ring. Lars then grabbed Ricochet and connected with the Freak Accident for the pinfall victory.

Tommaso Ciampa Provoked Johnny Gargano

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Cathy Kelley was outside Full Sail University to try and talk to Gargano and Candice LeRae. Gargano was in a neck brace and stated that he has seen better days. He said that he had a conversation with his wife about his future and that they made a decision together as a team. Gargano said that he will tell everyone that decision later tonight when he goes down to the ring.

At the conclusion of this week’s episode, Gargano and Candice LeRae came down to the ring. Johnny Wrestling high-fived a kid in the front row as the crowd chanted his name. A fan shouted “I love you Johnny!” and Gargano responded “I love you too”. Gargano stated that the last time he walked out here was for an NXT Championship Match, but the bell never rang and he exited here on a stretcher. Gargano brought up the brutal attack by Tommaso Ciampa and said that he sat down with Candice and he realized it is time to start thinking about his future. It was time to start thinking about our future and that he needs to ask himself if this is all worth it.

The crowd chanted “yes!” as Johnny and Candice held hands in the ring. Gargano stated that the injuries have added up, it has taken a toll on his family. Johnny asked once again if it was worth it and the crowd chanted “yes!”. Gargano told his wife sorry and took off the neck brace. Johnny shouted “yes it is worth it!” and demanded that Ciampa come down to the ring so they can finish this right now. Ciampa came down to the entrance ramp and said that he is going to walk down to the ring and finish this. NXT officials got into the ring and seperated the two. LeRae grabbed Gargano’s arm and told him to think about his future.

Johnny and Candice started slowly walking up the entrance ramp. Ciampa grabbed the microphone and told Johnny to be a good little boy and listen to his wife. Gargano rushed the ring and hopped onto the ring apron. Ciampa hit Gargano off the apron and he fell onto Candice LeRae on the ramp. Ciampa then escaped through the crowd as Gargano and NXT officials checked on LeRae.

Announced for next week:

  • NXT Women’s Championship Match: Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Dakota Kai

Baszler confronted Kai backstage and got in Kai’s face. Shayna dared Kai to say something to her and Dakota remained silent. Baszler stated that Kai doesn’t stand a chance next week and Kai said “we will see about that” before walking away.

  • NXT Champion Aleister Black will also be on next week’s episode