WWE NXT Recap & Results (6/13)

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War Raiders Called Out TM61

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War Raiders (Hanson and Rowe) battled Ricky Martinez and Justin Storm tonight on NXT. Storm and Hanson started off the match by locking up in the middle of the ring. Hanson launched Storm across the ring and then decked him with a Clothesline.

Rowe tagged in and sent Storm back to the canvas with a shoulder tackle. Rowe brought Storm to the corner and dared Martinez to tag in. Ricky tagged in and promptly got destroyed. Rowe connected with a knee to the face and then a Leg Drop off the top rope for the easy pinfall victory. After the match, War Raiders issued a warning to TM61.

EC3 Defeated Kassius Ohno

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EC3 faced Kassius Ohno on this week’s episode of NXT. Kassius shoved EC3 to start off the match and then the action quickly spilled to the outside. Ohno connected with a series of chops to EC3’s chest and then hurled EC3 back inside. Kassius continued to dominate and planted EC3 with a Body Slam.

Ohno went for a Senton but EC3 was able to get his knees up in time to counter the move. EC3 missed with a kick and Ohno capitalized with a knee to the face. Kassius followed it up with a Cyclone Kick and then connected with the Senton this time. Ohno hit another Senton on the floor outside the ring. EC3 snapped Ohno against the top rope and then planted him with the One Percenter for the pinfall victory.

Bianca Belair Dominated

Bianca Belair and Aliyah squared off on tonight’s episode of NXT. Belair immediately started out the match on the offensive and connected with a Spear. Bianca followed it up with a Suplex. Aliyah tried to battle back but Belair was too much for her. Belair deadlifted Aliyah, locked in the Torture Rack before hitting a Facebuster for the quick pinfall victory.

Bianca Belair then interrupted a backstage interview with Cathy Kelley and Dakota Kai. Dakota was in the middle of saying that she was proud of how she stood up to NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler and that she believed that the next time she faced her the outcome would be different. Belair told Kai to get to the back of the line and poked fun at her for being scared. Kai stated that mind games from Belair won’t work on her and challenged Bianca to a match next week. Bianca accepted the challenge and warned Dakota that she won’t like the result of the match.

Pete Dunne Retained The United Kingdom Championship

Pete Dunne defended the United Kingdom Championship against Kyle O’Reilly in the main event of this week’s NXT. The crowd was into this match right from the start. O’Reilly went after Dunne’s injured leg to start off the match. Dunne fought him off and went to work on O’Reilly’s fingers.

Dunne connected with a massive Clothesline that sent O’Reilly out of the ring to try and regroup. Dunne didn’t give him any time at all and planted him with an awesome X-Plex on the floor outside the ring. The action returned to the ring with Dunne still in complete control of the match.

O’Reilly booted Dunne in his injured leg to slow him down. Dunne battled back to his feet and hit an Enziguri and followed it up with a Powerbomb. O’Reilly locked in a Triangle submission as Dunne went for the cover. O’Reilly then connected with a Brainbuster but Dunne wouldn’t stay down.

Dunne went for the Bitter End but O’Reilly was able to block it. Both Superstars traded shots but O’Reilly wound up getting the upper hand. O’Reilly clubbed away at Dunne’s face and pulled out his mouthguard. Dunne snapped O’Reilly’s finger back and then planted him with the Bitter End to retain the UK Championship.

Immediately following the match, Roderick Strong and Adam Cole rushed to the ring to attack Dunne. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan joined the party and a brawl broke out. Cole and Dunne battled to the outside of the ring. Burch and Lorcan then beat the hell out of O’Reilly and Strong before tossing them out of the ring. O’Reilly and Strong then grabbed their NXT Tag Team Championships and retreated up the entrance ramp.

Lars Sullivan Got The Better Of Aleister Black Again

NXT Champion Aleister Black cut a promo and admitted that he was rattled when Lars Sullivan caught Black Mass. Black said that Sullivan will feel the full force of the Black Mass at NXT TakeOver: Chicago this Saturday night.

Lars Sullivan came down to the ring and went after Aleister. Black was able to get in a few kicks before getting leveled by a Clothesline from Sullivan. Lars then lifted up Black like he was nothing and planted him with the Freak Accident. Sullivan then hit Black with two more Freak Accidents before carrying him over to the announce table. Sullivan placed Black on the table and raised the title in the air. NXT went off the air with Sullivan shouting “this is your reality in Chicago!”.

Announced for next week’s episode of NXT:

  • Dakota Kai vs. Bianca Belair
  • War Raiders vs. TM61

The following video was shown during tonight’s show to promote the Street Fight between Gargano and Ciampa at NXT TakeOver: Chicago:

We will be covering NXT TakeOver: Chicago and WWE Money in the Bank over the weekend. Check back here on SEScoops for updates and live coverage of the events this weekend.