WWE NXT Recap & Results (7/3)

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Mia Yim Continued Her Momentum

Aliyah squared off against Mia Yim this week on NXT. Vanessa Borne was ringside for the match. Yim slammed Aliyah to the mat to start off the match. Aliyah applied a Headlock and then slapped Mia’s head several times.

Yim got pissed off and leveled Aliyah with a shoulder tackle. Aliyah cowered to the corner of the ring and tried to escape but Mia caught her. Mia connected with a Dropkick and went for a Cannonball in the corner but Borne dragged Aliyah out of the ring.

Yim crashed into the turnbuckle and Aliyah capitalized by slamming her into the ring post for a two count. Aliyah connected with a Knee Drop on Mia’s face but Yim locked in the Tarantula on the ropes for a few seconds. Aliyah battled back with an Enziguri for a two count.

Mia launched Aliyah to the corner and hit the Cannonball this time. Yim booted Aliyah in the midsection and followed it up with a Belly to Belly Throw that sent Aliyah tumbling out of the ring. Yim then took out Borne and Aliyah with a Suicide Dive.

Back in the ring, Yim caught Aliyah and planted her with a Fallaway Slam. Mia quickly hit the Protect Ya Neck for the pinfall victory. After the match, Mia Yim launched Vanessa Borne into the steel steps. Yim came over to the announce table and said that she is coming for Shayna Baszler’s NXT Women’s Championship.

Regal Announced The Next Opponents For Street Profits

NXT GM William Regal was about to provide an update on Candace LeRae after Io Shirai attacked her last week but The Forgotten Sons barged into his office. They demanded another shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships but Regal pointed out that they already had their opportunity but decided to get themselves disqualified.

Regal told them that they are at the back of the line and Forgotten Sons warned Regal that they will not forget about this. William Regal then announced that Street Profits will defend their titles against Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan next week on NXT.

Kushida Dominated

Kushida faced Jeff Parker (from the tag team 3.0) tonight on NXT. Kushida took control right away and leveled Parker with an elbow to the face. Parker connected with a jab but Kushida responded with a Dropkick to the face. Kushida applied the Sakuraba Lock for the quick submission victory.

Cameron Grimes Advanced In The Breakout Tournament

Cameron Grimes battled Isaiah Scott in the first round of the NXT Breakout Tournament. Scott took Grimes to the canvas and applied an Arm Bar. Cameron escaped and elbowed Isaiah in the back. Scott hit Grimes with a Dropkick that sent Cameron to the corner.

Grimes hit a knee to Scott’s ribs and went for the cover but Isaiah kicked out at one. Cameron followed that up with a massive Clothesline for a near fall. Scott connected with a Hurricanrana and a Clothesline of his own. Scott connected with a Flatliner and went for the cover but Grimes kicked out at two.

Cameron planted Isaiah with a Powerbomb for another near fall. Scott booted Grimes out of the ring and backflipped onto him. Back in the ring, Grimes and Scott traded shots in the middle of the ring. Grimes got the better of the exchange and hit a Double Stomp for the pinfall victory. Cameron Grimes will face Angel Garza in the next round of the tournament.

Bianca Belair Picked Up The Win

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Bianca Belair faced Priscilla Zuniga on this week’s show. Belair knocked Zuniga to the canvas and then took off her own earrings and threw them out of the ring. Belair launched Priscilla to the corner and drove her shoulder into Zuniga’s ribs a few times. Belair lifted Zuniga up over her shoulders and did a couple of squats in the middle of the ring.

Zuniga went for a Hurricanrana but Belair caught her and hit two Powerbombs in a row. Bianca lifted up Zuniga in the Torture Rack and planted her with the KOD for the pinfall victory.

Roderick Strong Defeated Tyler Breeze

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Roderick Stong took on Tyler Breeze in the main event of this week’s episode of NXT. Strong controlled the action early and brought Breeze to the canvas. Roderick went for a Boston Crab but Breeze blocked it. Strong quickly applied a Headlock in the middle in the ring as the crowd got behind Breeze.

Tyler escaped and connected with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Breeze sent Strong to the corner and stomped on him several times. Tyler got pissed that the referee touched him and Strong capitalized with a boot to the face. Roderick sent Breeze out of the ring and went for a Dropkick but Breeze got out of the way.

Breeze bounced Strong’s face off the ring apron a couple of times and Roderick retreated to the steel steps. Tyler shoved Strong off the steps and tried to leap onto him but Roderick caught him. Strong slammed Breeze onto the steel steps and did it again on the steel barricade.

Strong rolled Breeze back into the ring and hit him with a Dropkick for a two count. Breeze battled back with a Jawbreaker and then an Enziguri that sent Strong out of the ring.

Tyler hit a Flying Forearm off the ring apron and brought Strong back into the ring. Breeze hit another forearm to the face and then a Backstabber for a near fall. Breeze climbed to the second rope but Roderick caught him with an Enziguri.

Roderick hit Breeze with a chop and joined him on the turnbuckle. The two superstars traded punches but Strong got the advantage and planted Breeze with a Superplex for a two count. Breeze hit Strong with the Supermodel Kick but didn’t catch all of it and Roderick was able to kick out at the last moment.

Strong and Breeze traded punches again in the middle of the ring. Tyler caught Strong with another Enziguri and made his way to the top turnbuckle. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly ran down to the ring and Roderick capitalized with a knee to the face. Strong followed it up with the End of Heartache for the pinfall victory.

NXT Champion Adam Cole also visited Johnny Gargano’s hometown during this week’s episode. You can check that out in the video below.

Killian Dain will be returning to NXT soon and NXT aired a brief vignette for him during tonight’s broadcast.