WWE NXT Recap & Results (9/6): Asuka Says Goodbye

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Cezar Bononi

Zelina Vega joined commentary for the match. Almas started out the match in control and chopped Bononi across the chest. Vega said that Almas’ recent success should be attributed to her. Bononi leveled Almas with a Clothesline and then delivered a chop of his own to Almas’ chest. Bononi hit a Dropkick and then posed for the crowd.

Almas connected with an elbow and that charged at Bononi in the corner. Almas then hung up Cezar between the ropes and planted him with a Backbreaker. Vega shouted for Almas to finish him and Almas hit the Hammerlock DDT for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas

NXT General Manager William Regal was backstage and had a message for Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole. Regal said that if Fish, O’Reilly and Cole want to be a part of NXT, they will have to compete in the ring. Regal stated that he will not tolerate any more attacks from the trio.

Christy St. Cloud was outside Asuka’s locker room but was quickly interrupted by Velveteen Dream. Dream said that he will speak when the ambience is right. Dream claimed that he will speak soon.

Lars Sullivan vs Three Jobbers

Lars demanded that all three competitors get in the ring at the same time. Sullivan casually threw the men across the ring. Sullivan then hit a Splash onto all three men in the corner. Lars slammed all three men to the mat one-by-one and covered one of them for the victory.

After the match, Lars continued to beatdown one of the met. No Way Jose came down the entrance ramp and said that Lars put a stop to the biggest conga line that Brooklyn has ever seen when he attacked him from behind. No Way Jose made his way to the ring as the crowd chanted for him. Jose wanted to see how tough Sullivan was when he was looking him in the eyes.

No Way Jose punched Sullivan in the face and then proceeded to get his ass kicked. Sullivan clubbed Jose across the chest and then lifted him up on his shoulders and slammed him to the canvas.

Winner: Lars Sullivan 

An interview with Johnny Gargano was shown from earlier in the week at the WWE PC. Gargano said that he lost focus in his match against Almas at NXT TakeOver: III. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli interrupted and started poking fun at Gargano. They said that Gargano will not be able to cut it on his own and needs to find another partner. Gargano said that he wanted to face either of them in a match next week.

SAnitY addressed Fish, O’Reilly and Cole attacking them in a video promo. Eric Young said that they will get their revenge as Nikki Cross cackled in the background. Alexander Wolfe then got in front of the camera as Young said “the only thing we are interested in” and Wolfe shouted “chaos!”.

Zeda vs Sonya Deville

Deville wrestled Zeda to the mat to start off the match. Zeda escaped but Sonya Speared her to the canvas. Zeda rolled out of the ring but Deville followed her out there and threw her back in the ring. Deville connected with a kick to the face and then applied an Arm Bar for the submission victory.

Winner: Sonya Deville

Footage from the WWE Performance Center earlier today was shown. Ruby Riot approached William Regal and asked for a Handicap match against Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Regal said that he did not want to make that match instructed Ruby to find a tag partner for the match next week.

No DQ Match: Kassius Ohno vs Hideo Itami

Itami rolled out of the ring right when the bell rang. Ohno followed him out there and Itami quickly got back in the ring. Ohno slammed Itami to the mat and connected with a Leg Drop. Ohno chopped Itami across the chest and then planted him with a Suplex for a two count.

Ohno chopped Itami across the chest again but Itami battled back and knocked Ohno to the apron. Itami bounced Kassius’ head off the ring post and Ohno fell back-first onto the steel steps. Itami continued the attack and slammed Ohno’s face into the steps a few times. Hideo climbed up the steps and shoved his boot against the back of Kassius’ head while it was pressed up against the steps.

Back in the ring, Itami hit a flurry of kicks on Kassius in the corner of the ring. Itami then hit a Dropkick to Ohno in the corner and went for the cover but Ohno kicked out at two. Itami grabbed a steel chair from under the ring and brought it into the ring. Ohno and Itami fought over the chair for a moment before Ohno threw the chair in the air and Itami caught it. Ohno went for a spinning elbow but Itami held the chair up and Ohno elbowed the chair and fell to the mat as NXT went to a commercial break.

NXT returned and Itami was kicking Ohno in the face as he rested against the ropes. Ohno got back to his feet and booted Itami in the face. Kassius connected with a couple of Clotheslines and then hit a Shining Wizard. Itami lifted Ohno up for the GTS but Kassius blocked it and lifted Itami up onto his shoulders. Ohno then threw Itami across the ring and Hideo landed on his feet. Ohno leveled him with an elbow and Itami rolled out of the ring.

Ohno connected with another elbow to Hideo’s face on the entrance ramp. Kassius set up Itami for a Suplex but Itami blocked it and connected with a Suplex of his own that sent Ohno crashing onto the entrance ramp. Itami shouted at the crowd to show him respect as the action returned to the ring.

Itami stomped on Ohno in the corner and then set up a chair across his face while Ohno’s head was on the bottom turnbuckle. Itami connected with a Dropkick to the chair against Kassius’ head for a two count. Ohno went for an elbow but Itami poked Ohno in the eye. Itami went for the GTS but Ohno escaped. Kassius then delivered a low-blow to Itami and then leveled him with the Roaring Elbow for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

Asuka says goodbye

William Regal came down to the ring and introduced NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. Asuka came down to the ring with the title and grabbed a microphone. The crowd chanted “Asuka!” as she stood in the ring with Regal. Asuka said that she has been in NXT for almost two years and the crowd started to chant “thank you Asuka!”.

Asuka stated that she has fought so many great Superstars and that she loves NXT. Asuka said that she grew so much here and that she is grateful for NXT. Regal said that since Asuka has become NXT Women’s Champion, she has done nothing but defend that title with honor. Regal stated that Asuka is one of the greatest champions in WWE history.

Regal stated that he and Asuka have started negotiations with Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle. Regal announced that Asuka will be stepping down NXT Women’s Champion. Regal said that this is a wonderful opportunity for Asuka. The NXT roster came down to the entrance ramp and clapped as the crowd chanted “thank you Asuka!”.

Asuka said that wherever she goes now, NXT will come with her. Asuka waved to the crowd as the roster and Regal clapped. Ember Moon then came down to the ring and extended her hand. Asuka went to shake it but Moon pulled her hand away and laughed. The two then hugged in the ring.

Triple H came down to the ring with flowers and gave Asuka a hug. Triple H gave Asuka the roses and took the NXT Women’s Championship off Asuka’s shoulder. Triple H introduced Asuka one final time in NXT and Asuka raised her hand as everyone cheered. NXT went off the air with the crowd chanting “thank you Asuka!”.