WWE Only Recently Became Aware Of Baron Corbin’s Involvement In NFL Concussion Lawsuit

Photo Credit: WWE.com

It was reported earlier this month that former “Mr. Money In The Bank” Baron Corbin’s heat backstage with WWE officials stemmed from an argument he got into with Dr. Joseph Maroon during a wrestler’s meeting. Per a report from a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, something “The Lone Wolf” said during that argument could have further affected his push within the company.

Corbin is a former National Football League (NFL) player who played offensive line for both the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals. He didn’t take too well to Dr. Maroon attempting to downplay the connection between CTE and concussions, which sparked an argument between the two. The exchange was said to be ‘awkward’ and ‘uncomfortable,’ and many walked away from the situation believing that Corbin should have spoken to Maroon about the issue in private rather than in the middle of the meeting.

It’s also said to be likely that WWE officials became even more uncomfortable with the situation when they found out that Corbin was involved in a huge concussion lawsuit against the NFL, something they didn’t become aware of until this month. Prior to all of this, Corbin was on his way to a guaranteed WWE Championship run after winning the Money In The Bank briefcase this past summer. His cash-in attempt on WWE Champion Jinder Mahal was a failure, however, and he later moved on to a match with John Cena at SummerSlam that didn’t really catch fans’ interest.

Corbin has also taken heat for comments he has made on Twitter towards fans and fellow professional wrestlers, including an army veteran who he later apologized to. While he may no longer be in the WWE Title picture, it seems as though a run at the United States Title, currently held by AJ Styles, is next for “The Lone Wolf.”