News On WWE Programming Coming To FOX Cable Channel

We have some news to pass along regarding some WWE programming possibly coming to a FOX cable channel.

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As we’ve noted, FOX Entertainment CEO Charlie Collie spoke to media during FOX’s presentation at the Television Critics Association 2019 gathering today (Wed. February 6, 2019). While he shed some light on FOX’s plans for what day of the week SmackDown Live will air, he also made an interesting comment. It was noted that “other” WWE programming could air on FS1. As to what programming Collie was referencing was not made clear.

However, it has long been rumored that NXT could be making its way to cable television. NXT is received by some as WWE’s best product. With all the success it has seen on the WWE Network, as well as its TakeOver events, the potential for the program on a platform such as FS1 is huge. WWE signed a five-year broadcast deal with FOX to air SmackDown Live this year. The deal is set to kick in on October 4th. However, the deal is only for SmackDown Live content at the moment.

It wouldn’t be entirely surprising if WWE and FOX were also working on bringing additional content, such as NXT, to some of FOX’s other various platforms. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Do you think Collier was referencing to NXT heading to FS1?