WWE Promotes Upcoming NWO Reunion, Kevin Nash Comments On Faction’s Popularity

NWO Reunion
NWO Reunion

Ticket packages and prices have been released for the upcoming NWO reunion show taking place at the end of the month. While the price of admission is not cheap, the level of access to the Superstars involved will be significant. Prices range from $200 to $1000 and include photo-ops, collectibles, and access to the Q&A session.

WWE recently promoted the event on their website as well.

Kevin Nash Speaks On NWO Reunion

Ahead of the nWo reunion event later this month, Kevin Nash spoke to the Sporting News about his career, the state of the business today, and the future of wrestling.

Among the interview’s highlights were Nash’s comments on the upcoming Triple H vs. Undertaker match at WWE Super Show-Down.

When pressed about why a younger wrestler might not be getting the shot to work with The Undertaker, Nash made some rather pointed comments about the stars of today.

“No one cares about the young guys,” said Nash. “You going to put Finn [Balor] in there versus The Undertaker? [Seth] Rollins? Who are you going to put?”

Nash went on to offer his critique of today’s in-ring style, intimating that it will prevent longevity.

“Those guys aren’t going to have 30 years in the business. This style won’t allow these guys to last 30 years. Rollins already had a couple knee operations, but he’s a great worker. I just don’t see these guys even lasting 20 years because of their bodies and the concussion syndrome,” Nash said.

Nash also discussed what made the nWo cool, and how it had almost nothing to do with wrestling.

“Wrestling was dead. What was over at that point basically was West Coast Rap,” Nash said.

You can find more information on the upcoming nWo reunion here.

What do you think of Nash’s comments on today’s stars?

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