WWE RAW Reaction (11/11): The “YES!” & The “NO!”

Hey everybody, I’m Noah Mark (from “SEScoops Live” fame) and we’re introducing a new feature here on SEScoops.com where we’ll be looking at the best and worst moments of WWE RAW each week. We’ve settled on a new name for the feature: WWE RAW Reaction: The “YES!” & The “NO!” ..

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Complete WWE RAW Results (11/11) from England – With VIDEOS

WWE RAW (11/11): The “YES!”

The Usos, Rhodes Brothers , Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.
The Usos, Rhodes Brothers , Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

The Main Event

WWE put on a hot main event in Manchester that ended with an even hotter brawl (and another interesting scenario, which you’ll read about below) that showcased some of WWE’s top rising stars.

It’s good to see Daniel Bryan back in the main event picture this week, albeit a tag team match. Barring most fan’s frustration on his demotion back to the mid-card. Punk and Bryan is a must-see combination and there are fresh tag team feuds they can have with The Shield, The Wyatts, The Real Americans and others.

The Wyatt Family’s involvement and along with the USO’s and Rhodes brothers save at the end was an awesome way for Raw to go off the air and another demonstration of England having some of the best WWE crowds in the world.

The Shield & The Wyatts tease a battle.
The Shield & The Wyatts tease a battle.

The Shield / Wyatt’s Tease

During The Shield’s match against Daniel Bryan, the light went out and the Wyatts appeared in the ring out of nowhere.

Punk & Bryan pushed The Shield towards the Wyatts, which led to a “holy sh*t” moment with the two heel trios going at it – before they decided it was a better idea to join forces and focus their attention on the former WWE Champions outside of the ring.

Even though it was just a tease – fans have long wondered what would happen when these two forces collided. When WWE eventually pulls the trigger on a 6-man tag match between The Shield and the Wyatt Family, it’s sure to be explosive.  Those six men represent the future of the WWE.


Antonio Cesaro sets up John Cena.
Antonio Cesaro with John Cena.

John Cena Vs The Real Americans

Earlier in the week John Cena heavily praised Antonio Cesaro (Video) at the end of a WWE live event and presented him with the World Heavyweight championship, saying he was going to be a major star. On RAW, Cena would wrestle both Cesaro and Jack Swagger in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

Cesaro looked great as usual and it was good to see him & Swagger working with WWE’s top superstar.

Even though this was a non-traditional match, WWE continues to feature the tag team division in a prominent way – which is a very good thing.


WWE RAW (11/11): The “NO!”

Corporate Kane ineffective in his second week on the job.
Corporate Kane ineffective in his second week on the job.

Brad Maddox, Vicki Guerrero , & Kane

Kane is now the Director of Operations – so they might as well give him a new name or at least give him some new theme music. Because it just seems incomplete if you’re using the theme and video and not setting of an explosion.

Kane’s authority being questioned by Vicki Guerrero and Brad Maddox is bizarre, and being yelled backstage at by Randy Orton made Kane look weak.

Aside from Triple H and Stephanie, we’ve now got 3 other people with authority on RAW – and it’s just way too much.

Brad Maddox is a waste of space. The whole segment was sloppy and boring – WWE should really consider consolidating power. If Kane is now the Director of Operations, give Vickie and Brad new roles. As for Kane, his new Corporate gimmick is weak at best. Considering his incredible career, this new gimmick should have made a much bigger impact than it has had thus far.


The Big Show "Surprises" everyone at Raw.
The Big Show “Surprises” everyone at Raw.

The Big Show’s “Surprise” Appearance

Another surprise by the Big Show. Big Show is locked in to the WWE title picture for at least another two weeks, so we’re

Maybe one day they will announce he WILL be there, and will not show up.

Santino Marella & Los Matadores vs The Union Jacks

The Los Matadores vs. 3MB feud continues.

I did find their Union Jack outfit amusing, but the amusement quickly wore off and I realized they were still in fact, 3MB