WWE RAW Reaction (11/25): The “YES!” & The “NO!”

WWE RAW (11/25): The “NO!”

Randy Orton, The Authority & Super Cena

Set your watch, John Cena becomes WWE Champion December 15th
Set your watch, John Cena becomes WWE Unified Champion December 15th at the TLC Pay-Per-View.

We kick off Raw with a Randy Orton “I told you so” promo. He invites Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to the ring to gloat. They shoot back with, we knew you had it in you, but you needed to find it in yourself. The crowd breaks out into both Daniel Bryan and Yes! chants. Being there live, I chanted right along. That’s who I want, that’s who the crowd wants. Even for the fourth time in a row Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton would have been a much better match than Big Show vs Randy Orton. Although I will say, if they did in fact screw over Bryan for the forth time, I think that would have been worse than what we witnessed with The Big Show, so I’ll concede, that I’m happy that didn’t occur.

Out pops John Cena. He’s the World Heavyweight Champion, a title that’s been around for 11 years, but now that Cena holds it, albeit it not the first time, he wants to know who the true champion is. Triple H makes the match at TLC in December a TLC match with both titles on the line. I will say that ladder matches, last man standing matches, and I quit matches for me are a bit more exciting, especially live, because of the added unpredictability, and seemingly “guaranteed” way a match will be won. (i.e. someone will have to grab a title).  So maybe this wont be all that bad. Altough I’m calling it now, John Cena grabs the WWE Championship, Randy Orton grabs the WHC, and your face of the company, has the “correct belt”.


Michael Strahan isn't mad, and everyone takes a curtain call, yay!
Michael Strahan isn’t mad, and everyone takes a curtain call, yay!

Michael Strahan
I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a football fan. I know that Michael Strahan is a former NY Giant, and beloved by NY. Although I wouldn’t say he received a “Bow down to the man” hero’s welcome. The Miz introduces Michael, except it’s Titus O’Neil dressed in a suit with a imitation gap on his teeth. Problem with this live in the arena, is that at first we couldn’t see for sure it was Titus on the screen, since they were showing Strahan’s entrance video. The younger fans who have no clue who Michael Strahan is, didn’t realize it wasn’t him, while the older fans, could care less. So no real heel heat, no excitement. This segment went painfully long.

When Strahan finally does come out, there’s a lot of back and forth between him The Miz and Titus, with Strahan also announcing the Raw main event of John Cena and The Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton. I hate it when a guest host announces wrestlers names, in an affected ring announcer voice.

The payoff for this segment came when, The Miz challenges Michael Strahan to take a hip toss. After several failed attempts from both The Miz and Titus O’Neil. Michael Strahan ends up hip tossing both men. Now back in the day, this would be where the crowd celebrates, and the heels run out and go to the back, with mean mug looks on their faces. However, we are in the family friendly PG era, so instead it’s all a bit, and everyone hugs and his happy at the end, barf.

Two 14 Diva's Elimination Matches in two days.
Two 14 Diva’s Elimination Matches in two days.

Diva Survivor Series Rematch

Not that anyone actually purchased The Survivor Series for the Diva’s Survivor Series Elimination match, but, here it is for free the next night on raw. They spared the entrance on TV, which probably was the best part of this match. AJ Lee is far better than this on the Mic and in the ring. I’m begging for a serious program between her and Natalya or anyone for that matter. I guess I should be happy it wasn’t another musical chair segment.  So within eight minutes, most of the Diva’s are eliminated, and I’m sure we’ll see this tie in with another episode of Total Diva’s. Which I will admit, I do watch and enjoy. More than what I saw here, for sure.


Honorable Mentions

• XAVIER WOODS vs Heath Slater (YES!) – Last week Xavier joined in R-Truth’s gimmick, this week he became a Funk. If he changes each week, it’s a YES! However, if they simply switched him permanently to work with the The Funkadactyls, then it’s a NO!

Dolph Ziggler, perhaps digging his grave further by wearing Zack Ryder’s shirt in Long Island.

• Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow Hamptons Hardcore Match (NO!) – Second week in a row, and I could care less. Ziggler giving a shout out to Zack Ryder by wearing his T-Shirt on Raw. I wonder who’s going to wear a Ziggler shirt next week on Raw.

• John Cena & Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio & Randy Orton (NO!) Help! I’m in a time warp and I can’t get out of it. Alberto Del Rio can’t beat Cena, but I’m forced to watch him tap out or be pinned by him over and over again. Big show at the end now with a concussion scare. I’m scared he’ll be fine and back on Raw next week!