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WWE RAW Results & 5 Takeaways (1/13)

WWE RAW aired live from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Big Show, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe squared off against Seth Rollins & AOP in a Fist Fight tonight.

WWE RAW Results (1/13)

  1. Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles & Randy Orton in a Triple Threat match
  2. Ricochet defeated Mojo Rawley
  3. Charlotte defeated Sarah Logan
  4. Mojo Rawley defeated R-Truth to become the new 24/7 Champion
  5. Lashley defeated Rusev
  6. Viking Raiders defeated Singh Brothers
  7. Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy
  8. Erick Rowan defeated a jobber
  9. Seth Rollins & AOP defeated Big Show, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe
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Here are 5 takeaways from this week’s RAW:

Drew McIntyre Continued His Momentum

Randy Orton kicked off the show to a great reaction from the crowd. Orton leaned up against the ropes and laughed as the crowd chanted his name. Randy hopped up on the middle rope and posed for the crowd before grabbing the microphone.

Orton demanded that AJ Styles get his ass out here so he can hit him with another RKO. Styles came down to the ring and claimed that out of the goodness of his heart he really believed Orton was hurt. AJ mocked Orton for thinking he is the favorite to win the Royal Rumble and bragged about hitting an RKO of his own last week.

Drew McIntyre joined the party and joked that his Claymore is bigger. McIntyre vowed to prove that he was going to be the superstar to win the Royal Rumble. Drew suggested a Triple Threat match right now and Orton & Styles accepted.

Match Recap: Gallows and Anderson tried to interfere right away but Orton and McIntyre took them out with a Claymore and an RKO. Orton took out McIntyre outside the ring and Styles hit Randy with the DDT on the ropes. Styles continued to mock Orton and set up for the RKO. Orton blocked it and planted AJ with the Styles Clash for a two count. Orton followed it up with an RKO but turned around into a Claymore Kick from McIntyre. Drew then pinned AJ for the victory.

Opinion: Excellent start for this week’s episode of RAW. Drew McIntyre has been stuck in the midcard for what feels like an eternity and WWE has finally been building him up over the past few weeks. McIntyre winning the Royal Rumble would be an awesome choice.

R-Truth Interrupted Brock Lesnar In A Hilarious Promo

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were greeted with a chorus of boos from the crowd to kickoff the 2nd hour of RAW. Heyman mocked the crowd’s southern accent and they responded with a loud “you suck!” chant.

Heyman and Lesnar then left the ring but stopped at the entrance ramp. They got back into the ring and Heyman announced that they were going to start over. The crowd booed the hell out of Heyman as he began talking again.

Brock raised the title and paraded around the ring as the crowd continued to boo them out of the building. Paul once again claimed that Lesnar was going to dominate the Royal and said that was the truth.

24/7 Champion R-Truth interrupted and marched down to the ring. R-Truth thought Heyman called him to the ring and said that his childhood hero, John Cena, taught him to never give up. R-Truth declared that he was entering the Royal Rumble and vowed to throw Paul Heyman out in the Royal Rumble.

Heyman referred to R-Truth as “bong hit” and said that he is not in the match. Paul pointed out that he would be going face-to-face with Brock Lesnar in the Royal Rumble. R-Truth then backed out of the Royal Rumble match and complained that Heyman talks too much.

Paul got pissed off and shouted that nobody likes R-Truth. Lesnar got in R-Truth’s face but R-Truth backed away and started dancing around the ring. Brock leveled R-Truth with a Clothesline and planted him with an F5. Lesnar laughed at the 24/7 Championship belt and threw it on R-Truth’s chest. Brock then said “that is whats up” to R-Truth before exiting the ring.

Mojo Rawley then attacked R-Truth on the entrance ramp and pinned him to become the new 24/7 Champion.

Liv Morgan Accidentally Cost Rusev The Match

Bobby Lashley squared off against Rusev tonight on RAW. Lana was ringside for the match. Liv Morgan hinted that she would be in Rusev’s corner for the match but did not accompany him to the ring.

Match Recap: Rusev dominated the match early and taunted Lashey while beating him down. Lashley battled back and connected with a Spear outside the ring as Lana cheered him on. Rusev hit the Machka Kick and set up for the Accolade but Lana hopped on the apron. Lashley hit a low blow and then they both connected with a Clothesline. Liv Morgan marched down the entrance ramp and got in Lana’s face. Lana grabbed a beer and threw it Liv’s face. Lana then launched Liv into the barricade as Rusev watched on. Lashley capitalized on the distraction and leveled Rusev with a Spear for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Lashley and Lana were interviewed backstage. Lana called Liv Morgan a stalker and then suggested Lashley & Lana face Rusev & Liv Morgan. Lashley wasn’t a fan of that suggestion at all. Liv and Rusev later accepted the challenge.

Opinion: The world will be a better place once this storyline is over. Morgan said that she is the LIVing embodiment of Lana’s karma during her backstage interview tonight. That is just another example of how overwritten these promos are.

Asuka Spit Green Mist In Becky’s Eyes

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Becky Lynch and Asuka had a contract signing for their RAW Women’s Championship match at Royal Rumble. King asked Becky if she had anything to say before Asuka came down to the ring and she declined.

Kairi Sane came to the ring with Asuka and started taunting Becky. Lynch got in her face and Sane exited the ring. Asuka quickly signed the contract and Becky hesitated for a moment before signing it.

Lynch told Asuka “made the best woman win” and Asuka responded by spitting green mist in her face. Becky grabbed the microphone and stated that if she goes down at the Royal Rumble she is taking Asuka with her.

Opinion: I thought this was a good promo by Becky Lynch. WWE is trying their hardest to make Becky seem like the underdog for this match and I don’t think the fans are going to buy it. It is still a solid storyline with Asuka having Becky’s number, but Lynch claiming WWE was trying to protect her from keeping Asuka away hasn’t really gotten any reaction.

Buddy Murphy Joined Rollins & AOP

Seth Rollins & AOP (Akam & Rezar) faced Big Show, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens in the first ever “Fist Fight” in the main event of RAW.

Match Recap: Rollins and AOP attacked Big Show during his entrance and beat him down. Owens and Joe made the save and brought kendo sticks to the ring as the match officially started. Kevin Owens sprinted up the RAW stage and hit AOP with a Cannonball. Samoa Joe followed it up with a Senton through the table. Buddy Murphy was still sitting against the barricade following his loss to Aleister Black and Rollins asked for his help.

Buddy obliged and hit Big Show with a low blow. Murphy then threw Big Show through a table in the corner of the ring. AOP slapped Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens through the announce table as Rollins set up for the Stomp. Big Show dodged it and knocked Buddy out of the ring. AOP charged the ring and Powerbombed Big Show. Seth hit the Stomp and the referee called for the bell. Seth then shared a hug with AOP and Buddy to close the show.

Opinion: I’m all for Buddy Murphy joining the Monday Night Messiah (Rollins) and AOP. He is tremendously talented and showed that again tonight in another great match with Aleister Black. Murphy sat against the barricade following his loss to Black until Rollins gave him a path. I regularly bash WWE’s storylines but that was well done and Seth has been doing a terrific job as a heel. Overall, RAW was a solid show this week. Kevin Owens running up the stage and hitting a Cannonball was the moment of the night.

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